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March 11, 2021

Florence airport. Flights start again on 2 April

After two months of work on the runway, the Vespucci airport in Peretola reopens to air traffic with 16 flights available

Finally the good news: Florence Airport is back in operation and will reopen for flights from Friday 2 April.

Florence Airport, the upper level dedicated to embarkation

At the reopening 4 flights with KLM and Air France are confirmed, but already other 9 companies have booked their return with 30 destinations in the summer months. In the meantime, here are the immediate availabilities:

  1. There are 16 flights available in April

  • The first confirmed destinations are: Catania, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Elba and Barcelona.

This was made possible by the completion of work on the runway at Vespucci Airport, where work has been going on day and night since 2 February. The aim was to resurface the runway, the safety strips, including the road markings and the lighting devices, which will be more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain. A major construction site, the largest among public works in Tuscany at the moment, which has led to the closure of air traffic.

Aeroplane in flight over Florence

The dimensions of the runway remain the same as before - 1,700 metres long and 60 metres wide - but the improvements underway will make it possible to reduce the number of flights diverted to nearby airports to which the Vespucci is sometimes subjected due to bad weather conditions.

But the real dream is the new 2,400-metre runway, ready if all goes according to plan in 2026.


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