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Francesco Gabbani Sanremo 2020
January 27, 2020

Francesco Gabbani is told

The Tuscan singer-songwriter returns to Sanremo 2020 with Viceversa. We met him a few years ago...

Francesco, what is the first thing that changed in your life after the Festival?

Apart from the fact that I haven't probably spent more than two hours at home in total after the Sanremo Music Festival, I feel very excited and satisfied.

If you would thank someone for your deserved success, who would it be and why?

All the people that have believed in me. From my producer to all my friends.

Three things you love about your Tuscany?

 Carrara, the town where I was born and live, has so many contrasting features. I love everything of Tuscany: its land, nature, history and flavors. 

 “Eternamente Ora” is the name of your second LP as soloist. How would you describe it?

This LP comes after a period during which I have committed myself in trying to get rid of any restriction, and I feel that it was like a new beginning. The album moves to an almost completely electronic sound, which has replaced the presence of many instruments.

Francesco, your first memory connected with music.

My father's musical instruments store and the moments when I sat on his knees to play drums.

Your favorite places in Florence?

I love savoring every bite of it. I used to live in Florence during the recording of my first LP and it was like an open-eyes-dream.

A few words to describe yourself.

Easy going and reflective.


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