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May 3, 2022

Francesco Martucci, his brother Sasà and Ciccio Vitiello bewitch Florence

A special six-handed evening at Sophia Loren restaurant with three Casertani doc

Francesco Martucci, his brother Sasà and Ciccio Vitiello are three important names in the common mastery of the art of baking. Francesco is first for 50TopPizza, Sasà 11th but with the best service in the dining room and Ciccio was 9th and best emerging Gambero Rosso. The three pizza makers from Caserta represent an added value in Florence and for one evening they gathered at Sophia Loren restaurant for an unforgettable six-handed dinner.


The synergy between Ciccio Vitiello, Francesco and Sasà Martucci finds full definition in the menu that the Caserta trio presented at Sophia Loren restaurant: after Sasà Martucci's Margherita Casertana (curly tomato puree, buffalo stracciatella, Evo oil) it was the turn of Ciccio Vitiello's new Negative Review, which created a fake burnt background with olive powder in a sort of white art camouflage.

Margherita Casertana @dinnerplease_consulting Recensione Negativa @dinnerplease_consulting

After Sasà Martucci's Fil Rouge (fior di latte, ventresca di tonno rosso cbt, olive powder, datterino dry, balsamic onion preserves and Evo oil), Francesco Martucci's Domenica13 sounds like an ode to the convivial Sunday meal, a homemade, ancestral pizza that takes us back to suggestions of pots of steaming meat sauce.

Filo Rosso @dinnerplease_consulting

And finally, after a classic by Francesco Martucci such as the Futuro di Marinara (roasted tomato, garlic pesto, capers, anchovies, olives and oregano) the evening of the trio of Caserta pizza makers ends with the Cambia-Menti by Ciccio Vitiello, with which he confirms a certain predisposition to go outside the box. A schiacciata whose layers include cbt pork belly, fresh buffalo mozzarella and an unusual combination of mango chutney and dehydrated coconut that contributes to the dessert effect.

Futuro di Marinara @dinnerplease_consulting Cambia-menti @dinnerplease_consulting


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