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December 21, 2015

Gurdulù, New opening

In Florence, the new restaurant, cocktail & wine bar for tasters of dreams

December 11 opened Gurdulù (Via delle Caldaie 12 / 14r) the new restaurant, cocktail & wine bar that will delight the palates of the Florentine and beyond.

Gurdulù, character in the novel "The Nonexistent Knight" by Italo Calvino, is the life lived in a carefree, instinctive, constantly moving and changing and it is in this spirit that the owners, along with the chef Entiana Osmenzeza have wanted to create a place unique, but only common, familiar but unfamiliar, real and fantastic at the same time.

If the setting of Gurdulù can remember a gentlemen's club in London, the menu reminds suggestions Balkan, besides Florentine and Spanish influences. A cuisine based on research, memories and influences.

Sophisticated design with a retro flavor that develops through environments cozy and convivial, decorated with brass lamps designed 50 years and opal reminiscent French bistros, enriched with wallpaper and chairs covered with sartorial fabrics made in Italy.

The large glass you can see a spacious balcony where you can stop for a cocktail prepared to perfection or a glass of good wine. You can choose between classic and creative cocktails, all signed by the bar-lady Sabrina Galloni. For those who prefer .wine, a rich selection of wines by the glass: the paper has a population of more than 250.

Lunch: Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday from 7.30pm to 11pm
Wine & Cocktail Bar: from 6.30pm to 12am

For info:

Via delle Caldaie 12/14 R Firenze
Ph.+39 055 282223 


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