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August 1, 2017

International Center for Performing Arts "Franco Zeffirelli"

Da settembre 2017 visitabile al pubblico

His father was married to another woman when he recognized him was 19 years old. Her mother had three other children, a herding husband and a fashion shop in the Republic Square. His birth was a scandal throughout Florence. And her mother died when she was only six years old. The story of her childhood is told in her film One Tea with Mussolini (1999). After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and some acting as an actor, he became set designer and director of Visconti. The rest is a story for one of the greatest Italian film and opera director.
Among his films are Romeo and Juliet (1968), Brother Sun, Moon Sister (1972), Jesus of Nazareth (1977).
At 94, his great desire has come true. In the historic center of Florence, its city, the chest has been born that holds the 70 years of his career in cinema, theater and music. It opens to the public in September, and from November starts the high education course for the stage design.

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