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Rabbit - jeff Koons
September 30, 2021

Jeff Koons Shine. Exhibiting Rabbit, the most expensive artwork by a living artist

The 10 works not to be missed at the Palazzo Strozzi exhibition

It peeps out of the poster of the exhibition that Palazzo Strozzi is dedicating to Jeff Koons, and is waiting for you in one of the first rooms: Rabbit is a real star because the one on show in Florence is the copy that sold at auction for $91.1 million in May 2019. It is the most expensive work of art by a living artist.

Rabbit - Jeff Koons

The red Balloon Dog on display on the first floor of the Renaissance palace is also one of five copies of one of the artist's best-known works, although the record is held by the Ballon Dog Orange, which sold for around 59 million and is not on display in Florence.

Balloon Dog Red- Jeff Koons

An unmissable exhibition, with many iconic works by the artist, including the Ballon Monkey Blue that greets visitors in the palace courtyard and looks even more powerful in contrast to the Renaissance stone of the Palace.

Balloon Monkey Blue - Jeff Koons

In room 1, Sacred Heart Magenta/gold stands out, stealing the show from the sweetness of Seated Ballerina .

Sacred Heart Magenta Gold - Jeff Koons

Elephant from 2003 strikes a funny tone in Room 3; while Room 4 is a return to the artist's past with some works from the 1970s, including Nelson Automatic Cooker from 1979.

Elephant - Jeff Koons

Deep and meaningful Lobster in Room 5, which synthesises, with perfect balance and a strong sexual identity, being a man and being a woman without prejudice but with lightness.

Lobster Jeff Koons

Room 6 is dedicated to the Gazing Ball cycle and celebrates the great art of the past.

Gazing ballgazing Ball - Jeff Koons

The two Venus of Room 8 close the route

Venus - Hall 8 - Jeff Koons


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