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February 6, 2017

Jose Yaque at Villa Pacchiani

The Cuban artist and Tuscany: new geographies

Until next April 2 - in the context of know-how / Show-project how a geography of relationships for vision systems / reality systems - on display at Villa Pacchiani in Santa Croce sull'Arno "José Yaque, Flood d'Arno ", edited by Ilaria Mariotti. The project expresses a willingness to reflect on the issues of sustainability of operations in the contemporary world: the life of objects and materials, on the idea of ​​recovery, on the idea of ​​waste identity as representatives of our territories and on these processes. Spokesman for the Cuban creative production internationally, José Yaque will be one of the artists invited to exhibit in the Pavilion of Cuba at the next Venice Biennale. At Villa Pacchiani the artist presents two large installations especially designed for the interior and exterior of the exhibition center, a series of paintings and drawings made over the past years and a core of unpublished drawings related to this project.

"Know-how / Show-how, a geography of relationships for vision systems / reality systems" is the continuation of a strong path shared by the municipalities of Pisa Santa Croce sull'Arno - and, in the first instance, from GALLERIA CONTINUE and Associazione Arte Continua always been interested in the relationship between art and territory and advocates the need to involve the artists in a reconsideration path of social issues - started in 2013 and aimed at building a model of intervention and commissioning relationship between territories and international artists.


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