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June 12, 2018

K-Array. Green Audio

In the heart of Mugello, a mix of design and high technology at the service of sound

The rustle of animals in the Apennine woods, the whisper of the wind that on the coldest days makes itself heard, the roar of the engines on the race track in Scarperia. These are the sounds that come to mind by Mugello, a territory that thrives on tourism, rural traditions from agriculture to gastronomy, and a young and lively entrepreneurship. But there is another sound the begins in the heart of the region and resonates across the globe in every type of location, from intimate restaurants and lounges to a stadium concert where thousands of people crowd to large nightclubs where party-goers dance until morning and.

The sound is that bearing the signature of K-array, a company with headquarters in San Piero a Sieve as well as offices in New York and Hong Kong, and one of the most important producers of systems for the design and manufacture of professional audio solutions: loudspeakers, subwoofers, microphones and stage monitors, also earbuds, stereo systems, and amplifiers. K-array solutions have been used for large tours of international artists, in theaters and in large outdoor venues.

And it is precisely these products that K-array most suitably pays tribute to its territory, as though inviting the province to become a technopole: Firenze and Mugello are, in fact, the names chosen to identify their mid to large-format touring speakers. A triumph of technology in the green of the lower slopes of the Apennines but also an original, innovative design capable of transforming a loudspeaker, a microphone or a stereo system into a furnishing accessory: no particular concession to extreme solutions but great functionality combined with linearity and fluidity. 

And thus, you can find a sample of made-in-Mugello quality at the Royal Opera House in London, among the pews of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, in 25th globally-ranked nightclub in Dubai, White, or at the Vodafone Arena, home stadium of the Besitkas football team, even at the transportation hub, Oculus at the World Trade Center. Simple examples in a list as long as a hypothetical cable bringing music from Mugello to every corner of the world.


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