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December 14, 2018


The works of Luca Serasini and Alessandro Marzetti on display at the Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra

Saturday 15 December 2018 at 6.00 pm, the last exhibition of the contemporary art program of the Municipality of Volterra, the Agenda dei Priori, entitled KHÀOS / ORDER / DISPOSE. Installations, interactions and alabasters. After a rest period of the exhibition season, this last event sees the dialogue between Luca Serasini (Pisa 1971) and Alessandro Marzetti (Volterra 1971) between sculptural and interactive installations, sound, relief and sculpture. The work of Luca Serasini ranges from drawing to painting, from graphic novel to electronic art and installation on an environmental scale; will compare with Alessandro Marzetti's sculptures, light and fluid "ribbons" in alabaster. A multi-material and multidisciplinary path therefore, characterized by an arrangement with multiple spatial plans and perspectives.

Two different artists for the languages ​​and materials used (wood and paper for Serasini, the alabaster for Marzetti) that interpenetrate in a journey that, starting from the Big Bang, leads the visitor to reflect, as well as the development of Universe, also on the condition of the human being. Between art and craft, the alabaster sculptures by Marzetti evoke arcane and primordial symbols, essential signs present in every culture, be it western or oriental. Suspended between empty and full, his sculptures welcome the spectator in a silent and enchanted atmosphere: they interface with the great sculptures and drawings and reliefs of Serasini as between parallel worlds, distant from each other, but in temporal communication.

Serasini occupies the walls and the central parts of the two rooms of the exhibition space with three large installations representing as many stages of the life of the Universe: the artist thus brings the language of Land Art together with a figurative synthesis into an interior of medieval origin. constellations in simple elements such as disks and lines. In the first installation (Kháos) the lines and disks that represent the constellations are grouped in a confused way to represent the beginning of the creation of the Big Bang, but find an order in the second installation, in which the elements seem "ready to use" (Order). Finally, Dispose is the conclusion of the cycle, a large interactive installation that occupies an entire room, in which Serasini distributes the lines and discs to compose the asterism of the Big Dipper (inside the constellation of the Big Dipper).


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