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March 8, 2019

La Fiorentina, osti butchers and wines of real steak

The first book entirely dedicated to the most famous dish in Florence in the world

Do you know which is the real Fiorentina? The races, the frollature, its cutting and the best cooking? Have you ever eaten a raw steak? And without salt? Cooked on real embers of olive tree? Do you know where to eat the best Florentine in Florence? And in Tuscany? And in the world?
La Fiorentina, butchers and wines of the real steak, has been presented on the occasion of Taste, the first book on one of the most famous dishes in Tuscany. A volume of 200 pages, with more than 180 unpublished photographs, which enriches the series of books by Gruppo Editoriale Publishing House. Written by the food and wine critic Aldo Fiordelli, with the preface by Allan Bay.

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The new book begins with the recent nomination of Fiorentina for UNESCO. It traces the relationship between the countryside, the kitchen and Florence. Part of the breeding where the Chianina is officially born, explaining the best breeds of meat on the market. It goes through the contribution on the best cuts of steak by four butchers: Dario Cecchini, Stefano Bencistà Falorni, Simone Fracassi and Luca Menoni. Take on the typical dishes of the dish with the Accademia dei beccai, Vasco Tacconi.

This publication is above all a journey, also photographic thanks to the suggestive images of Dario Garofalo, in the best restaurants and restaurants that offer Fiorentina: 23 in Florence, 10 in Tuscany but also in Milan, London, Paris and New York. Each restaurant is described with curiosity and anecdotes related to this trip among the Florentine. Including the dishes waiting for the steak. For each restaurant there are information on race, cut, cooking and price offered by each place. But also the description of a Tuscan wine as an ideal match.

The author of the book is Aldo Fiordelli, one of the most authoritative Italian food and wine critics. Florentine professional journalist, member of the steering committee of the Guida de L'Espresso of which he is Tuscan coordinator for over 10 years, Fiordelli collaborates with Decanter, Corriere Fiorentino, Civiltà del bere and La Cucina Italiana.

The volume was premiered during the XII edition of Taste Florence at the Opera within the "ring" of Davide Paolini with the participation of the author, the publisher and the four butchers Dario Cecchini, Stefano Bencistà Falorni, Simone Fracassi and Luca Menoni.


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