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November 2, 2016

OLIVIA - cultura extravergine New Opening

From the historic Santa Téa Tuscan Frantoio born the first fast catering format dedicated to extra virgin olive oil

In Piazza Pitti, it was born a place where oil and extra virgin olive culture are the main characters, Olivia. Store and taste address. Main dish, a fried like you've never heard.

When in 1585, in Reggello, the Gonnelli family started to make oil in Frantoio di Santa Téa, he made him thinking about going to produce a food with extraordinary organoleptic characteristics that can enrich and complement any dish. Since then, the same family has handed down a true art in the craft oil, applying innovative techniques to tradition.
After over 400 years of extra virgin olive oil production, Serena Gonnelli, with the mill family, has designed the first store format with fast food. 
Olivia is a store where you can learn about the world oil e.v.o in the round: is selected as an olive, as is franta and what are its main features. At the same time Olivia you can buy oil but also learn about the many recipes with which he married.

A modern and fresh environment with references to the Tuscan agricultural world.

Olivia is a place of fast food, where everything starts from the oil. Try the "do it yourself kit" to prepare their Tuscan bruschetta and wellness line of cosmetics.
The heart of the food production of Olivia, however, is fried. A fried authentic and traditional Tuscan with creative seasonal variations. exclusively prepared with extravirgin olive oil, without batter without egg. A lighter and digestible fried.

You can sit at the tables convivial tasting good wine, or opt for take away.
The first well-known Tuscan chef to work is with Simone Cipriani, young but already established promise of Italian cuisine that will delight the palates with its irresistible fried recipes: "Jelly Donuts", "Cuttlefish Blow to files", "cubes ribollita" and "Tortellini with parmesan cream".
It is known that the extra virgin olive ingredient may be also in many recipes such as, for example, the chocolates. In this case, Olivia chose Vestri, chocolatiers Arezzo since 1960, which has created extra virgin chocolates, along with spreads: an explosion of flavor and balance.
Olivia is also culture, and a place where the staff organizes tasting courses, meetings and debates on extra virgin with a major focus on wellness, natural, ethical and environmental care.

Piazza Pitti 14/r


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