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Madonna della Seggiola -  Raffello
April 5, 2020

On the five hundredth anniversary of Raphael's death, the special virtual tour realized by the Uffizi Gallery

From April 6, the exact day of the anniversary, 3 days to discover the Madonna della Seggiola and Madonna del Cardellino

On the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio, which occurred on April 6, 1520, the Uffizi Galleries launches a virtual tour in three stages, to discover his masterpieces now housed in the halls of the Florentine museum complex.

From April 6, the Uffizi Galleries will publish on their Facebook page a triptych of videos (one per day, for three consecutive days) dedicated to the great artist and his works, housed in the Galleria delle Statue e delle Pitture and in Palazzo Pitti, in the Galleria Palatina.

"Here the highest concentration of Urbinate masterpieces in the world, it is a privilege to share them online", explains the director Schmidt.

It begins with the Modern Art Gallery at Palazzo Pitti, where Cristian Spadoni, from the Department of Digital Strategies, will start with the painting The Death of Raphael painted by Rodolfo Morgari in 1880, to tell - also through the words of Giorgio Vasari - the immense influence of the painter from the Marche region in the history of art.

The next day the virtual visitor will still be in Palazzo Pitti, this time in the Palatine Gallery, where, in the hall of Saturn, will be the director of the Galleries himself, Eike Schmidt, to tell what is perhaps the most legendary guest of this space, the Madonna della Seggiola, for centuries considered one of the main masterpieces of the entire Renaissance.

Madonna del Cardellino 1506 circa

On April 8th the tour will move to the Uffizi, in the room specifically dedicated to Raphael and Michelangelo (where the Tondo Doni by Buonarroti is exhibited): among the works of Sanzio collected in this space Anna Bisceglia, curator of sixteenth-century painting, will explain in particular the famous Madonna del Cardellino.

Alongside the tour, there will also be daily insights into Raphael and his paintings, published on the Uffizigalleries profiles of Instagram and Twitter.


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