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Brunori Sas Firenze
January 13, 2020

Florence plays live. concerts to mark in your agenda, for the next three months

Florence set for a musical spring. Discover the top live acts!


On 25 January, for the Pinocchio Jazz show, the quality Italian jazz pianist Franco D’Andrea comes to the Circolo Le Vie Nuove with A Light Day, a new work which brings an extraordinary wealth of material, developed over a career of more than fifty years, to the stage.

Teho Teardo


On 1 February, at the Auditorium Flog, Federico Fiumani returns to concert with Diaframma. On 15 February, jazz saxophonist Marco Colonna meets the English pianist Alexander Hawkins at Pinocchio Jazz for a trip through the different jazz ages, with impromptu creativity at the heart of the live performance, where anything can magically happen.



Subsonica come to Tuscany Hall on 12 March, with their new album Microchip Temporale. Twenty years since the release of their debut, which left an indelible mark on the Italian musical landscape, the band take a look back through their history. 17 March is Theo Teardo’s moment at Teatro Puccini: his new work Ellipses dans l’harmonie is inspired by the music written into the pages of Diderot’s and D’Alembert’s Encyclopédie. 19 March and the Teatro Verdi are the time and place of SGT Pepper, the never-before-seen theatrical rendering of the greatest album in the history of rock music, with a twenty-piece orchestra to accompany you on this irresistible sonic journey. On 20 March, at the Viper Theatre, Paolo Benvegnù makes his triumphant return with a new band. The wait for the return of Brunori SAS is also over: after selling out clubs and theatres in 2017, the artist is ready for the Brunori SAS Tour 2020, which stops at the Nelson Mandela Forum on 21 March. That same evening, Renzo Arbore arrives at Teatro Verdi with the Orchestra italiana, an organisation which has been successfully touring the world since 1991, registering sold out venues everywhere and winning public and critical acclaim alike.


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