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Roberto Cavalli
April 15, 2024

Robero Cavalli and his Florence

Our remembrance of the great Florentine designer

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence on 15 November 1940. Raised in the lap of art , he went to an Art School. His career took off in 1972. A very creative and original person, he is the inventor of eclectic fancy designs and creator of a unique style that introduced in fashion a very sensuous feminine look. In 1977 he met his second wife, Eva Duringer. He and Eva immediately fell in love, married in 1980, and had 3 children, Robert, Rachele, and Daniele. Beyond his private life Eva proved to be a formidable creative partner, breathed new life into the brand, and in 1994 Roberto's second professional life began.

Here we recall the Florentine designer in an unpublished interview published in 2007 in Florence Made in Tuscany Magazine.

Roberto Cavalli in the Florence Headquarte

"Florence is unique among all cities. This is the city where I was born and it is truly special to me. My grandfather, an artist of the Macchiaioli school, used to tell me: “Art is beauty and no one can live without”. I feel in total agreement with him; in Florence each secluded corner offers something which is nourishment for my creativity and often, on the way back home, I stop and watch the sunset, the treetops swaying in the wind, the first stars....In short, a magical, romantic, delicate town which fills my heart with longing whenever I am far-away from home. This is the reason why I chose to live here, with my wonderful family, on the Strawberry Hill where stands my villa, once an ancient hamlet with a 16th century tower. Its name was “Il Poggio” (hillock) and I chose not to change it.

It is here that I create, rest and entertain my friends and famous people. I like to stay in the kitchen as much as possible and some say that I am a fairly good cook! It is here that I lovingly guard, with my wife Eva, my souvenirs, my favourite works of art, the rarest flowers, my beloved equatorial parrots and pets who truly are members of our family. I live in the midst of art, real flavours, nature and architectural perfection, quietness and the splendour of the Renaissance Age. I adore country life: long, solitary walks through my olive groves which give me the best olive oil in the world, or a visit to my horses! I also own a charming estate in the Chianti hills where I grow all sorts of genuine and wonderful things.

Downtown Florence, I gave new life to the once glorious “Caffè Giacosa” by transferring its splendour and traditions into my “Cavalli Caffè”. I gave Via Tornabuoni a new, dazzling light through my boutique’s windows and I even organized a male fashion show on the Ponte Vecchio, an extraordinary, exciting site with special models like Naomi and Afef treading on Medicean stones. And underneath, the river Arno, a quiet party to my happiness.

I like to take a walk downtown and perhaps make a stop at the Savoy Hotel at Piazza della Repubblica, a charming place so close to the Duomo and Giotto’s tower bell. Most of my time, however, is spent at work, on the outskirts of Florence.

I start at dawn and divide my time between my studio and the printery. In there I give life and substance to hints, colors, ideas and thoughts gathered during my trips around the world and create my new collections".


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