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studio galleria romanelli Firenze
December 16, 2020

Romanelli Gallery Studio. In the heart of Florence, a magical place you shouldn't miss

One of the oldest sculpture studios in Europe, in the most authentic Oltrarno district

Studio Galleria Romanelli is one of Europe’s oldest sculpture studios still operating today. It was founded by Lorenzo Bartolini in 1829 and then his favorite pupil, Pasquale Romanelli, took over the management and ownership of the studio.

Apollo del Belvedere

In 1860, Pasquale also started an art gallery and was the first of five generations of Romanelli sculptors to run the gallery. He was followed by his son Raffaello, later Romano and Folco, and now the latter’s son Raffaello, who specialises in portraits made, depending on the client’s wishes, in plaster, bronze or marble.

Opere che potrete trovare e acquistare presso Studio Galleria Romanelli

Raffaello also continues with his well-known teaching work, passing on the ancient techniques of sculpting in clay.

L'unicità dell'esperienza artistica firmata Romanelli

Inside the studio-gallery, the works of art, restored or created from scratch, look like they are about to come to life and provide a truly unique artistic experience. The studio creates pieces on commission, original sculptures, replicas in plaster, bronze and marble.  


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