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Run the DeeJay Ten in coming!

Sunday, May 18th in Florence

Sunday, May 18 returns to the "Deejay Ten". An event not to be missed for fans of running, that may engage in the path of 10 kilometers, but also for those who want to spend a different day from usual along with the protagonists of Radio Deejay trying the short path from 5 kilometers (the "Deejay Five ").

Here's the schedule:
Saturday, May 17
Piazza Santa Croce
09.00 - 20:00 PM
come and pick up your race number and discover all the
surprises that our sponsors have in Serbia
Sunday, May 18
Piazza Santa Croce
HOURS 07.00 - 09.00
for those who were not able to withdraw their pectoral
Piazza della Signoria
HOURS 09:30
DEPARTURE of the two races, one from the other by 5 km and 10 km 


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