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The Cathedral of Siena

Sofia Doni

May 10, 2021

Extraordinary uncovering of the floor of the Cathedral of Siena

For this spring Siena offers a gift: an extraordinary opening of the floor and the restart of the museums

With the arrival of spring and Tuscany's transition to a yellow zone (click here to check out our guide on reopenings), Siena wakes up and shines again with its wonders of great historical value.

The beautiful interior of the Cathedral of Siena

In fact, the opening of the famous floor of the Duomo (as always fixed for the two-month period from August 18 to October 17) this year sees an extraordinary date that goes from June 26 to July 31.

The floor of the Cathedral of Siena

Moreover, starting from May 1st, the Monumental Complex of the Cathedral of Siena has been reopened to the public. Therefore, it is possible to visit with the single ticket "Opa Si Pass" the itinerary of the "Divine Beauty" which includes: the Piccolomini Cathedral, Porta Cielo, the Museo dell'Opera with the view from the "Facciatone", the Crypt (with the new exhibition on May 22nd: 'Masaccio, Madonna del solletico. L'eredità del Cardinal Antonio Casini, principe senese della Chiesa'), the Baptistery and the Oratory of San Bernardino.

The "Divine Beauty" of the Cathedral of Siena

Another novelty is the booking and reception system, which has been completely renewed and simplified, following the highest standards provided by Opera Laboratori. Therefore, it is possible to both continue to use the information and ticketing service in Piazza Duomo, but also to use this web portal to purchase the ticket, which can be presented at the entrance of each monument without having to change the voucher. For any other information or to make a reservation, please contact 0577 286300 or send an email to .

The wonderful Duomo of Siena seen from the outside

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