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Sileno Cheloni - ph Aldo Fallai

Teresa Favi

July 27, 2020

Master perfumery Sileno Cheloni presents us in preview Blu Collection, Venenum Perfumes

A journey of wonder into a universe of tailor-made fragrances and unique olfactory experiences

A master perfumer of international renown - with clients in his portfolio such as Gucci, Harrods, Richard Ginori and IWC - in his Florentine atelier OL'Factory in Borgo di S. Niccolò, a charming alleyway of the Oltrarno that runs parallel to the Arno river and points the way to Piazzale Michelangelo, Sileno Cheloni creates tailor-made perfumes and unique olfactory experiences, such as the Sensory Dinner and the Incense Ceremony. A perfumer-explorer who uses rare natural raw materials, essences and fragrances to create alchemical symphonies that are completely personal and customizable. A true bespoke experience and rediscovery of the self through essences that involves the totality of the senses through an evocative journey. 

Sileno Cheloni

Recently released is the latest addition to the Blu Collection, Venenum Perfumes: 7 fragrances that stand between spirituality and dreams, memories and desires, distant and familiar places in an alchemy of emotions. Argentovivo, Eden, Firmamento, Reginella, Sangueblu, Satanel, Xisma tell the story of times, places and people far and near captured by the famous Tuscan 'nose' through ancient techniques of craftsmanship that have now remained the prerogative of a few and especially in the East.

Each fragrance is the result of unpublished alchemical recipes, made with the finest raw materials, even rare, and sought after all over the world, in order to compose a wide range of olfactory pentagrams: flowery and rich flowery, spicy and spicy oriental, musky, fougére and perfum parfait.

We met Sileno Cheloni to learn more about his idea of perfume and the complex creative paths and to get to know, through his special point of view (he is also a great lover of photography), even a new and original Florence.

Xisma by Sileno Cheloni

What should a perfume represent for your ideal customer?

Just the mood one aspires to. An instant journey from who you are to who you want to be in a squirt of perfume.

What essences would best represent Florence?

Obviously iris and rose, but also a note of turpentine and wood, because Florence is both the work of art and the frame. 

Photography is one of your passions. What would your personal portrait of Florence be like?

I would take pictures of real Florentines, because they are becoming increasingly rare in Florence. The city is going to be here for a long time, but the real Florence is slowly disappearing. 

Sileno Cheloni

What work of art do you feel the most attuned to?

Ponte Vecchio. It’s just standing there, open to everyone, and every time I cross it, I experience the magic of being a work of art myself. This was the magic of the Renaissance. 

The place to hide in on rainy days?

I enjoy having tea in my OL’Factory amidst velvet sofas and the scent of birch. I never go out, let alone on rainy days….

What walk through the city is the most “sensory”?

Through the entire Oltrarno area, from San Frediano to San Niccolò, amidst gardens, artists, artisans and genuine restaurants. An explosion of the senses and feelings, up to Piazzale Michelangelo where the view takes your breath away, as well as the climb….


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