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Seta, Museo Ferragamo Exhibition
March 31, 2021

Silk, the new exhibition at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

The history of the Maison's scarves

SETA is the title of the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum's new exhibition project: a journey through the maison's archives to recount the long process that precedes the creation of a print on silk, in particular a scarf, which by its nature as a painting experiments with the perfect combination of extraordinary creative intuition and high industrial craftsmanship. The dream of Salvatore, the company's founder, was to transform his world-famous brand into a fashion house that would dress from head to toe.

Seta, Museo Ferragamo room 1

It was from the seventies onwards that his wish was translated into reality by one of his daughters, Fulvia, who started a continuous production of printed accessories. The magic of silk imposed itself on Ferragamo's world, becoming a sign of great distinction for the brand thanks also to the subjects of its prints inspired by nature and the animals that populate exotic landscapes, jungles and fantastic savannahs.

Were creatures born celestial? - Sun Yuan & Peng Yu

The exhibition - which begins with a site-specific installation by the two Chinese artists, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, entitled Were creatures born celestial?, which conceptually exemplifies what fertile ground for encounter and exchange between East and West was the Silk Road - continues through the ideas, intuitions and fascinations underlying each design, a multiple collage of different references. A mood board that makes it possible to reconstruct the creative and cultural itinerary at the origin of each print.

Seta, Museo salvatore Ferragamo

Visible until April 2022, during this period when the museums are closed, an exclusive virtual tour available in both Italian and English, accessible from all over the world, will take us inside the museu


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