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January 22, 2016

Specchi e Spacchi

Artworks by Fabio Massimo Faggi in Florence until January 23

From January 15 to 23 at the Studio 108 in Florence, is a selection of works by Fabio Massimo Faggi artist of complex formation, poet and semiotician that moves on different languages.

It consists mostly of mirrors blacks with absolute simplicity in which the form is the means and the layout is the end. Signs and words according to mysterious geometry, measures purely mental and spellings inner entrusted to a subject in itself and introspective mental.

The mirror is distorting by definition: returns an image inverse to that of the real and seduces allowing us to take a look on our face, that otherwise there would remain a stranger.

It 's a window that looks out onto another space, quiet and flipped. A space that for an artist like Faggi opens the possibility not realized, the reality of the semantics, the parallel universes of modern cosmology.

Even the signs and words are mirrors. Reflections of something else with whom also do not coincide. 


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