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Planetaria al Teatro della Pergola

text Teresa Favi

May 16, 2024

Stefano Accorsi in Florence for Planetaria

From June 7 to 9 at the Pergola Theater the 1st edition of the format that combines environment, theater and science

On June 7, 8 and 9 at Teatro della Pergola PLANETARIA is a three-day journey aimed at transversal audiences. Conceived by Stefano Accorsi and Filippo Gentili with the production of Superhumans (a strategic consulting, creative thinking and multichannel production factory) and Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, it is an artistic, theatrical and popular event aimed at everyone, adults and children, to reflect and imagine together how to save our future, because the climate crisis is not a foregone conclusion but an opportunity to revolutionize our relationship with the environment.

Stefano Accorsi (ph. Enrico De Luigi - Courtesy Saverio Ferragina)

“The idea for PLANETARIA stems from the conviction that theater, as a place of empathy and imagination, is a perfect tool to raise awareness of the modern-day climate crisis. Departing from a certain cold and apocalyptic divulging, theater takes up the alarm of the best science, urges us to imagine a sustainable future and invites us to build it together,” explains Stefano Accorsi, the popular actor and producer, who has agreed to be the Artistic Director of this unprecedented form of performance created to popularize the environment, climate change and sustainability by combining art, entertainment and science.

Participation in all PLANETARIA events is free, by reservation:

Kids Lab & Shows - Mornings
Experiments, storytelling theater, performance paths using immersive theater techniques, theater shows emolto altro curated by Planetaria with the University of Milano-Bicocca and the collaboration of RAI Kids. The aim is to stimulate a heartfelt and engaging dialogue about nature with an audience of children and families through an original path of events designed specifically for them

Planetaria Talks by Will - The Afternoon
Will Media - among the most-watched digital publishers for topics covering technological innovation, sustainability and culture - will bring their content inside Planetaria with their signature style, guests and signature to tell the complexity of issues such as climate change and sustainability in an accessible way.

Vittoria Puccini

Imaginary Conferences - Evening
Three shows in which art and science are mixed, thanks to the intervention, in each of them, of formidable protagonists in their respective fields: the Artistic Director of Planetaria Stefano Accorsi, actors Vittoria Puccini, Ludovica Martino, Nicolas Maupas, botanist Stefano Mancuso, Scientific Director Claudia Pasquero, anthropologist Emanuela Borgnino, oceanographer Giulio Boccaletti and many others. It adds the absolutely unprecedented presence, as a character, of the Sibyl, an artificial intelligence avatar who will dialogue with actors and audience. Each performance is conceived as a set of lecture-imaginaries in which the audience will be drawn breathlessly into a seesaw of emotions: they will laugh, be moved and have a highly enriching personal and educational experience. The stories of the three evenings are inspired by the theme developed during the individual days of the event: in the first on June 7, Earth; in the second on June 8, Water, on the occasion of World Oceans Day; and in the third on June 9, Air.


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