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text: Claudio Cannistrà

March 15, 2020

The astral reasons for the coronavirus. First part

Cyclic Index, China and planetary conjunctions

"As high, so low"! This recites the famous aphorism, reported on the "Tavola Smeraldina" and attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. This phrase is also translated "As in Heaven, so on Earth", to indicate how the astral configurations, which we observe in the firmament, indicate to us the events, which will happen in our world. This is one of the principles on which Astrology is based: the aspects, which are formed between the planets, along the zodiac, offer indications of what is happening on Earth! It is not strange, therefore, that astrologers of the past were able to predict events by interpreting these celestial signals. In this regard, the Coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

The Cyclic Index
The first factor to analyze to understand the causes of this phenomenon is the trend of the Planetary Cyclic Index. This is a marker determined by the sum of the
distances of the various planets along the zodiac: the further they move away from each other, the more the Index rises, the more the planets are concentrated in a narrow area of the sky and the more the Index value falls. Ancient astrologers used it to predict the course of the global situation in the world, because the rise of the Index is related to the phases of expansion and growth (economic, social, new discoveries, etc.) of humanity, while its reduction indicates critical and unstable phases (wars, epidemics, natural disasters, political and social changes, etc.). For example, during the great epidemics, which affected our planet, such as the Great Plague of 1340, which caused millions of victims, the Index was very low, as the planets were all concentrated in a narrow area of the sky; as well as in the years from 1916 to 1919 (First World War and Spanish epidemic) and between 1940 and 1943, critical phase of the Second World War (see Fig. 1); equally in 1929 (the famous Wall Street collapse). Another recent example is November 1982 with the planets all concentrated between Scorpio and Sagittarius, in about 60 degrees zodiacal; a period that saw the appearance of AIDS, violent climatic events and earthquakes in various parts of the world, as well as important socio-political changes in many states (Soviet Union, Germany, Turkey, South American countries, etc.).

Fig. 1. Trend of the Cyclic Index during the 20th century

The conjunction of 12 January 2020
Let's see, now, the current situation. Between January and March, the Cyclic Index reached the lows of the entire century with the planets that were mostly concentrated between the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn. In particular, on January 12, we witnessed the conjunction of the two evil planets, Saturn and Pluto, which occurred at 23 degrees in the sign of Capricorn, which functioned as a detonator, of the events we are witnessing: the world was put under attack by the Coronavirus, which showed its effects immediately after the formation of this conjunction. This data, however, only tells us that humanity is going through a critical period, it does not explain why it all began in China. Is there an astrological explanation for this? To find it, we use the language of astral symbols.

China and all the surrounding area, according to Claudius Ptolemy, is under the government of Cancer and Capricorn. The symbols of this great country are well suited to the characteristics of these two signs. The structure of the Chinese territory with the great wall, which defends the country and that in the past isolated it from the outside, protecting it from invasions, recalls Capricorn and the planet, Saturn, which governs it. They are symbols that speak of closure, discipline, rigidity, introversion, the need to stick to concrete facts: think of what the great Celestial Chinese Empire was in the past, feudal or how it is currently structured, the People's Republic of China itself.

The roundish geographical shape of the country, the overabundant and particularly prolific population recall, instead, the sign of Cancer and the Moon, which governs it. These symbols speak to us of "caring", the importance of traditions and attachment to the family, in which one is inserted, values that are very much felt in Chinese society. This is why the concentration of the planets in Capricorn between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 and the conjunction of the two evils, Saturn/Pluto, on January 12, have manifested their effects primarily on Chinese territory, which is related to these two opposing signs. This zodiacal configuration functioned as a detonator showing the first effects of this
terrible infection. The continuation of Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, to which were added progressively first Mercury, then the Sun, then Jupiter and then Mars, created those conditions of fall of the Cyclic Index, seen before (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. The fall of the Cyclic Index in recent years

The closure of cities, the lockdown of entire nations (including borders with the blockade) are typical symbols of Saturn and Capricorn, which then spread to the whole world. The population confined at home, not only in the province of Wuhan, but now all over the globe, and the deaths of so many people recall the suffering of lunar and cancerous symbologies: the Moon and Cancer, in astrology, are connected to the crowd, the people, the family, etc.; and this sign, coincidentally, is in opposition to that of Capricorn and, therefore, suffers the effects of planetary configurations, which occur in that zodiacal zone.

Claudio Cannistrà, an astrologer interested in the historical-cultural aspects of this discipline, is specialized in Astrocartography, a field that studies the energies of places. He is Councillor of the Bozzano-DeBoni Foundation/Library in Bologna and of SEA (Sociedad Española de Astrología). He is part of the "Bottega dell'Astrologo", an association of Prato, which aims to interpret the celestial symbols present in our reality and organizes courses and cultural activities. He is also Director of the Spanish magazine Spica.
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