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Andrea Zazzeri recipe
March 23, 2020

The Bavette with squids and cuttlefish by Andrea Zazzeri

Directly from La Pineta, an institution in the field of seafood cuisine in Tuscany, a recipe to simply do at home

La Pineta is a charming beach baracchina with a history spanning a few decades that tells the passion for the sea, the catch and the cuisine of the Zazzeri family. Strong of the legacy of the father-pioner Luciano Zazzeri, one of the sons Andrea Zazzeri, chef of the cult restaurant offers us a cuisine where quality, freshness and territory have always been at the heart of this place of worship for the sea.

Exclusively for us, Andrea Zazzeri proposes a simple and tasty first course, to cheer us up while #noirestiamoacasa.

Ingredients for 4 people:
200 grams of clean squid and cuttlefish even with a little bit of cuttlefish ink
8 cloves of garlic
3/400 gr of bibs
10 sage leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
Put the garlic, sage, oil and 1/3 of the squid, cuttlefish and a pinch of salt in a frying pan and cook for a few minutes.
When the pasta is 3/4 of cooking time, drain and put it in the pan, add the remaining squids/ squids and cuttlefish and sauté until cooked, adding if necessary water from the cooking of the pasta. Put in and season with a drizzle of raw oil.

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