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Uova Paolo Parisi
December 3, 2017

The finest eggs in the world are from Tuscany

They Born on a 5 star farm in the heart of the countryside near Pisa

Paolo Parisi, in Usigliano of Lari, Pisa, manages a farm five stars, where Leghorn chickens are left free to roam in the yard and are fed with cereals mixed with fresh goat milk. Resulting eggs exceptionally delicate and digestible read, recognizable by the white color of the shell.

To make them special, however, is the yolk, creamy, slightly almond taste and the amazing protein structure, able to incorporate, when mounted, even three times the air of any one egg.

Characteristics that have made these eggs a real cult object for chefs and gourmet lovers, willing to do anything to them in the kitchen.


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