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December 18, 2020

The most faithful copy of David

Technology to reproduce Michelangelo's masterpiece for Expo 2020 in Dubai

The digitization of David, the first step of a project for the most accurate reproduction of Michelangelo's masterpiece, protagonist of the exhibition route of the Italian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo, has started.

David Digitation

The project, part of the creative concept of the Pavilion signed by the artistic curator
Davide Rampello, raises the beauty of Italy and its cities of art, foresees
cities of art, also includes in the coming months the realization of the "making of"
of the reproduction itself. "This is the most innovative project of high-tech reproduction, in an operation that combines historical memory with a present of innovation" as stated in a note of the Mibact. A not simple reproduction given the size of the statue that, as we see in these photos, has started right from the face.

David Expo Dubai

"The David, an icon of beauty and perfection will represent not only Italian art, his figure will above all be the bearer of an important positive message of rebirth, hope and courage," the words of the director of the Florentine museum, Cecilie Hollberg.

Cecile Holberg during reproduction

The reproduction project, under the scientific curatorship of the University of Florence, ranges from the digital acquisition of the statue's data to the milling of the totally natural plastic material that will give it form and that in the coming months will involve scientists, technicians, curators, artisans, teachers and university students.
The reproduction of David, Michelangelo's incarnation of the good, the true and the just, with the most modern technologies that Italy can bring to bear, assumes at this historical juncture the significance of rebirth thanks to the best skills and beauty as a universal value.


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