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February 5, 2020

The pianist Uri Caine, symbol of international jazz, arrives in Florence

Saturday, February 8th, on stage at the Pinocchio Jazz

The pianist Uri Caine is one of the most brilliant and versatile protagonists of today's music, a sensitive and multifaceted artist.

Caine has accustomed his listeners to follow him in his disorienting exploits, from his visionary reinterpretations of classical repertoires to his more contemporary projects, which have seen him range from European classical repertoires to jazz by Thelonious Monk and Herbie Hancock.

Caine has chosen to work with variable organic to compare different musicality, jazz, classical, electronic, klezmer and rock, qualifying himself as one of the most intelligent and sensitive sound architects.

Saturday, February 8th, a live show not to be missed on the intimate stage of Pinocchio Jazz with ERIC FRIEDLANDER cello, URI CAINE piano, MARK HELIAS double bass and CHES SMITH drums.


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