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Rivoire Firenze
August 28, 2020

The rebirth of Rivoire

The historic Café at Piazza della Signoria becomes 'Florence's ambassador in the world' with Carmine Rotondaro

With its view over one of the most beautiful squares in the world, in Piazza della Signoria in front of Palazzo Vecchio, the Loggia dei Lanzi and the Uffizi, it is one of the most loved and frequented cafés by Florentines and tourists visiting Florence. In 2022 it will be 150 years old.
A long history still vibrates in the salons of Rivoire, born at the end of the nineteenth century at the behest of the Piedmontese chocolatier Enrico Rivoire who arrived in Florence during the period of its greatest transformation due to the presence of the Savoy court, before the capital of Italy was transferred to Rome. Even today, the historic receipts for the restaurant read: "Enrico Rivoire - Fabbrica di Cioccolata a Vapore".
It is for this Piedmontese speciality that the coffee-chocolate shop in Piazza della Signora became famous right from the start as a reference point for lovers of good taste, delicacies and elegance. Enrico Rivoire was the official supplier of the Royal House of Savoy, and he transferred to the Tuscan city that typically Piedmontese taste of finding himself in the cafés of the centre, true fashionable lounges. And this is precisely the intention of his new "guardian", the entrepreneur Carmine Rotondaro, head of the fashion house Collini Milano 1937, who took over 73% of the shares of the famous Piazza della Signoria café: "My plan is that Rivoire Firenze® should no longer just be a place and that it should establish itself as an international brand of Italian tradition".

Carmine Rotondaro

So what will Rivoire Firenze be like in the future?
Rivoire Firenze® is unique in the world. Inimitable for a history over a hundred years old that has an absolute charm in itself and is an integral part of the city's truest fabric. As a partner in this incredible heritage, I must be the first to guard it, because I think it also belongs to all Florentines. I will therefore do everything possible and granted to me to preserve it and ferry it into a future that will see us increasingly "sized for the world". With great respect, deep coherence and maximum care. Declining the most authentic essence and values of Rivoire Firenze® in new formal and aesthetic codes that make it even more exclusive and, at the same time, a catalyst for the international market.
One of the good lounges in the city but also a 'chocolate factory'. Its unmissable excellence?
From the famous little red box also called the C.C. hazelnut cream to the handmade packaging with the luxurious velvet boxes or with the view of Florence. Without forgetting the legendary chocolate in a cup, and for Easter our eggs also hand wrapped and with wonderful surprises.

Rivoire Firenze

What are your plans for the relaunch of Rivoire Firenze in the world?
Rivoire Firenze® must become a brand that goes beyond the historical coffee brand, and establish itself as a symbol of uniqueness, prestige, good taste, luxury, seduction and creativity made in Italy in other places, beyond Piazza della Signoria. Our vision is that Rivoire Firenze®'s unique artisan heritage can be taken to the four corners of the world, supported by important investments in effective commercial and communication strategies. Even by entering into quality partnerships with local operators, but everything must always and only start from Florence.

Rivoire Firenze


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