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Teresa Favi

April 9, 2020

The Tonnato Calf of the mythical Harry's Bar Florence

An Italian cult, not only Florentine, gives us exclusively his recipe to do at home

Harry's Bar. A myth, since 1953. Paloma Picasso, Burt Lancaster, Margot Hemingway, Paul Newman, Robin Williams, Franco Zeffirelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Chelsea Clinton are just some of the characters that this historic restaurant has hosted over 50 years of history.

A place of worship for lovers of good food and a relaxed and exclusive lifestyle, here is the recipe signed Harry's by the chef Saverio Giuliani, for an unforgettable veal tonnato.

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The Recipe

600 g lean white veal
1 Tropea onion
30 g salt capers s
2 anchovy fillets s oil
50 g white wine
150 g tuna s oil
400 g mayonnaise

Cook the lean veal in a pan well browned and without overcooking (about 25 minutes). Remove the lean meat and store at room temperature. Brown the onion with desalted capers and the anchovy in the cooking juices of the roast. Add the tuna, brown over a low heat and add the wine. Cook for 5/6 minutes and blend. When it is cold mix with mayonnaise to taste. Lay the tuna sauce on the bottom of the plate, add the meat cut very thinly, season with the sauce to taste. Finish the dish with cherry tomatoes, capers and parsley leaves.


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