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Vettori Gioielli Firenze
February 1, 2023

The uniqueness of Vettori Gioielli

Creativity, experience, tradition and beauty: let's discover together a pearl of high jewellery in Florence

Back in 1937, Leopoldo Vettori, a young goldsmith, who loved unique jewelry as much as he loved the beauty of his city, Florence, decided to create one of the most elegant shops on the Ponte Vecchio: L. Vettori. In 1980 Ferdinando Vettori, Leopoldo’s son, decided to follow in his father’s steps, continuing the family tradition with passion.

Vettori Gioielli Firenze

He proposes jewelry with the refined classical taste of the ancient Florentine goldsmith’s art, made even more unique by a modern reinterpretation.Maison L. Vettori is the result of more than 80 years of tradition, during which three generations of expert jewelers and gemologists have created and designed beautiful unique pieces, through the changes and evolution of the decades.

Vettori Gioielli Firenze - Anello Smeraldo

The jewels are entirely made in Florence with traditional techniques. Maison L. Vettori still has its own goldsmiths specialized in handmade jewels. Every client can find the jewel which perfectly embody his personality. For this reason Maison L. Vettori is the ambassador of one of a kind piece.

Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm
Ponte Vecchio, 37-39r
ph. +39 055 282030 -

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