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October 10, 2016

This week in Florence (10/16 October)

This fall in Florence has never been so beautiful!

Monday 10 we want to start our week in the name of beauty, telling you about the 10 squares of Florence - from the most famous to the most hidden - so it is worth a visit. In the evening very shows: Alessandra Amoroso at the Mandela Forum, the C.Merritt content Opera of Florence and the usual appointment with the Chamber Orchestra of Florence Orsanmichele.

Tuesday 11 is the day for a little sin of gluttony: the restaurants and the famous trattorias in Florence for truffles? Just click here. Space Tuscan comedy in the evening with the return of Maria Cassi the Teatro del Sale in Florence while Opera's voice M.Spyres with D.Parry wand.

Wednesday 12 in the morning, there is no more fascinating thing you treat yourself to a ride in one of the most authentic neighborhoods of Florence ... Come with us, at the time of the Holy Spirit! In the evening before at the Teatro super Niccolinu for the show by Gabriele Lavia "The Man with the Flower in His Mouth ... and not only ..." (until Wednesday, November 2), still it works in Florence for the opera "Rosmonda d 'England' conclude at the Teatro della Pergola with "tales of terror" of the Society of Chairs.

Thursday 13th stage of beauty in the most sumptuous historical palaces in Florence, for juggling in this treasure hunt, we're here we! Click here. But today is also the opening day of the third edition of the Festival of the Generations: three days of shows, meetings, live shows, interactive exhibits and performances, in the company of philosophers, artists, economists, journalists, sports men and women, the show , institutions and culture at the Palazzo Vecchio, the Teatro Verdi, the palace of the Guelph and other places in the city. Inevitable in the evening the Pergola the "Song of Songs" of the Compagnia Virgilio Sieni and finally we announce the release in theaters of Hell Ron Howard.

Friday 14 the weekend is upon us! How about a trip to the past in search of the most characteristic villages of Tuscany? Let's go back to Florence for a large international premiere at the Palazzo Vecchio the premiere of the TV series "The Doctors" with Dustin Hoffman, which will be broadcast on RAI 1.

Saturday 15 at the Mandela Forum the great return of toscanacci "Panariello Conti Pieraccioni" while in San Lorenzo off the great Gospel of One Voice Gospel and All for One.

Sunday 16 must step in Prato for the grand opening of the New Pecci Centre. After completion of the futuristic expansion architect Maurice Nio and the original building redevelopment Italo Gamberini, the Pecci Centre will be the only public institution dedicated to contemporary art in Italy, and one of the few in Europe, to usher in a new building in the decade 2010-2020.


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