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September 12, 2016

This week in Florence (12/18 September)

Florence center of culture and lifestyle! Discover all that you can not miss this week!

Monday 12th just missing the grand opening of the exhibition signed Ai Wei Wei at Palazzo Strozzi. Lest you unprepared, we prepared our focus! In the evening in Piazza Santo Spirito "The Cyclone" Leonardo Pieraccioni turns 20, guests in the square the director and all the cast. We move in Santo Stefano al Ponte for the usual appointment with the Chamber Orchestra of Florence.

Tuesday 13 in the Palazzo Pitti Modern Art Gallery the inauguration of the exhibition "Real Time and time of reality. The Palazzo Pitti clocks" and, since we are in the area, we remain in the atmosphere in a timeless Oltrarno Fiorentino exclusive tour of shops, restaurants and unique local.

Wednesday 14 for the review Markets Music musical walk to San Lorenzo market and the Eataly restaurant a charity dinner for the pediatric hospital Meyer signed by 6 chefs.

Thursday 15th in the fantastic green lung of Florence, one of the Cascine, a four days devoted to Contemporary Circus with theater and live music. Not to be missed! Odeon Cinema Direction in the evening for the docu-film about FabFour "The Beatles: eight days a week" to R.Howard.

Friday 16 how about witness the beauty of the early Autumn colors in wonderful and (more or less) Secret gardens of Florence? Follow us! In Piazza Santa Maria Novella do not miss (until 2 October) the charming French Market Belle Epoque. We come to the Pergola for the big international theater. Absent from Italy for 20 years, Master Sakurama Ujin, descendant of one of the most illustrious dynasties of Noh theater, the oldest form of Japanese theater, presents Hashitomi, in a rarefied combination of poetry, song, music and dance. The show is interspersed with Oba ga sake, tasty Kyogen comedy of matrix as a stylized elegance.

Saturday 17 finally Wired Next Fest lands in Florence! Two days in which the city will become a real square on digital, a meeting place and comparison with other Italian and foreign institutions, which will alternate between the stage of the Salone dei Cinquecento and the Sala d'Arme in Palazzo Vecchio. Another star of the event will be the location of the Guelph palace, which will become the nerve center of workshops and laboratories. Read here to learn more

Sunday, 18 if what we want is an escape from the city to rediscover the real flavors of Tuscany, here is our maximum to cult taverns hour from Florence!


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