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February 15, 2016

This week in Florence (15/21 February)

A boring week? It will not be this! Find out why ...

Monday 15: preview of what will be the major exhibitions of contemporary art in Florence in this 2016? Read here, and you will discover the great name you expect for this spring!
In the evening at the Teatro Niccolini, Truman Capote with This thing called love, on stage at the Niccolini until 21 February. But if you want music, then we recommend a small trip to Prato, where he continues Metastasio Jazz festival, with John De Leo and Fabrizio Puglisi.

Tuesday 16: to best enjoy one of the most pop districts of Florence, accompany you to discover all the secrets of San Lorenzo, just click here! In the evening, we take you to the theater with Alessio Boni and Marcello Prayer that continue to compete on stage at the Teatro della Pergola until February 21 with Duelists; while on stage at the Teatro di Rifredi The Bastard of Istanbul, based on the book by Elif Shafak (until 28 February).

Wednesday 17: we not forget that is the week of previews of the great Tuscan wines! Today the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, including the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art De Grada and the Palazzo Comunale of San Gimignano. In Florence at the Museo del Novecento, at 17.30 instead expects you the second night of Anniottanta, an initiative dedicated to the glittering decade famous for its music, its vivid colors and much more. Tonight Walk on the Wild Side with Bruno Casini that communicates with Nicola Vannini, Antonio Aiazzi and Gianni Maroccolo. For the evening you do not miss you For a friend - Evening in memory of Antonio Bertoli at the Teatro Puccini. To pay homage to the artist: Stefano Bollani, Gogmagog, Paul Hendel, Richard Pangallo, Marco Parente, Roberto Grilli, David Rion and Sergio Staino.

Thursday 18: For the evening is spoiled for choice. Theater? Giacomo Casti and Massimo Tarducci at the Cestello, the national premiere with Tamburini; or I'll give you my death, Veronika at the Metastasio of Prato. Cinema? At the Odeon Brasil: Seleção de Cinema, the best of contemporary Brazilian cinema for the first time in Florence until February 16. Music? The Orchestra of Tuscany to Verdi, director Andrew Gourlay, Benjamin Grosvenor on the piano and the violin Chiara Morandi. But not only tonight comes the electro-pop music of Subsonica, the Viper (to discover all the great concerts of this Florentine winter, click here).

Friday 19: missing exactly one month to the opening of the exhibition From Kandinsky to Pollock. The great art of the Guggenheim at Palazzo Strozzi until July 24, in the meantime, enjoy one of the beautiful exhibits still in the city, as Carlo Portelli. Eccentric painter between Rosso Fiorentino and Vasari, the Accademia Gallery until 30 April. For those looking for an evening of music, in addition to the second evening of Subsonica at the Viper, the Sala Vanni plays one of the leading cellists of the current scene: Oliver Coates. For those who want to enjoy a show, tonight the first of the three night at the Verdi in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, directed by Alessandro Gassman. At the Teatro Dante fields instead of the Rocky Horror live concert show, with more than 30 artists on stage for an original Italian language version, directed by Riccardo Giannini. The Nuovo Tetaro Verdi of Montecatini Terme finally, Dream and are awake by and with Massimo Ranieri.

Saturday 20: Gourmet open your ears, because they are the last two days of the Chocolate Fair in Piazza Santa Maria Novella until Sunday 21 February. In the evening for Pinocchio Live Jazz, the music of Giovanni Guidi. At the Teatro Puccini Babette's Feast with Lella Costa; whilst in Prato to Politeama, Those two with Massimo Dapporto and Tullio Solenghi. If you love winter sports, it seems that now is the ideal weekend to go to Abetone, any suggestions? Read here!

Sunday 21: For those who still seek the spirit of carnival, here is a link to find out where you can find it! At the Teatro della Limonaia of Sesto Angelo Di Genio, one of the finest actors of his generation, with Road Movie. In Prato continues the festival dedicated to jazz music, Metastasio, until February 29, read here to find out the upcoming events!


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