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February 29, 2016

This week in Florence (29 February / March 7)

A week not to be missed, between big show and unforgettable exhibitions...

Monday, February 29. In 366esimo day of the year, we want to sweeten the spirits with our top list dedicated to the best laboratories of chocolate in Tuscany and, for lovers of the human body, until March 20th in the Monumental Complex Santo Stefano al Ponte, a stone's throw from Ponte old, the exhibition "Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds". Over 160 specimens of plastination, including 15 full-length bodies, to experience the extraordinary synergy between our organs. We end our month with two great live: Baglioni & Morandi at the Mandela Forum and finally Franco Battiato and Alice on stage at the Verdi.

Tuesday, March 1 blows air of almost spring! How about to anticipate the most beautiful gardens to visit in Florence? A glimpse into the wonderful style universe of Roberto Capucci at Villa Bardini, the exhibition shows 'Mariani chez Capucci': the exhibition emphasizes the visual and formal affinities that are created between the work of Umberto Mariani and that of Capucci through common theme of pleats. Finally, do not miss a great show at the Teatro della Pergola. Up to Sunday, March 6 Andrée Ruth Shammah directs for the first time Filippo Timi in the masterpiece of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, renamed in "A Doll's House".

Wednesday 2 towards Villa Favard, the venue of Polimoda, for the guest lecture "Polimoda Rendez-Vous cycle" with Lapo Cianchi, communication, special projects and foreign relations of Pitti Immagine, as well as Secretary General of the Fondazione Pitti Discovery. Obligatory stop at the Accademia Gallery for the exhibition 'Carlo Portelli. eccentric painter of Rosso Fiorentino and Vasari '. An opportunity to re-evaluate, around the Immaculate Conception, his masterpiece of 1566, an artist very active in the Florentine Renaissance.

Thursday 3 have not admired the last spectacular installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Central Market? Come with us! Theatre Focus: until Sunday 6 at the Teatro Studio of Scandicci, "by Euripides with adaptation and directed by Gabriele Lavia. For lovers of the new Italian music, on stage at the Flog, Calcutta.

Friday 4 big opening to the Uffizi Gallery. in the Sala del Camino in the Uffizi main floor, the exhibition entitled "Andy Warhol photographed by Aurelio Amendola. New York in 1977 and 1986 ". 10 images - the result of two different "meetings" in the Factory of the Big Apple, including the photographer Pistoia's internationally acclaimed artist and a symbol of pop art. Just one of these two photographs, taken in 1986, a few months before the death of the artist, will be donated by Amendola to the Florentine museum will mark the entry of Andy Warhol in the Uffizi. In the evening the direction of Montecatini for the big concert of Renzo Arbore & Italian Orchestra.

Saturday 5 we move compulsorily in San Gimignano, more precisely to the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Raffaele De Grada, the exhibition dedicated to the great war photographer Robert Capa, who tells with 78 images in black and white the years of World War II Italy. Return to Florence How about an aperitif Made in Tuscany? Read here!

Sunday 6 you ever experienced the feeling of eating directly in the places where the Tuscan wine takes shape? Discover with us the addresses for a lunch in the cellars top of Tuscany!


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