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April 4, 2016

This week in Florence (April 4/10)

It 's spring, wake up girls ... Discover your Blossom week in town!

Monday 4 to celebrate the first flowering nothing better than a stroll through the gardens, we recommend the most beautiful of Florence, because spring you can also enjoy the city! In the evening the lounge of the pergola from 19 Titanic - The End.

Tuesday 5 returns to Florence the largest event dedicated to the Middle Eastern Film Middle East Now. Discover with us the highlight events. A jump in Prato a must for the pièce signed Paul Brennan "Medea" at the Teatro Fabbricone. And there's more: the Opera di Firenze "The Italian Girl in Algiers", the Verdi appointment with the Orchestra della Toscana.

Wednesday 6 art time, large exhibitions time. You have not yet visited the great exhibition "From Kandinsky to Pollock" Palazzo Strozzi? Then click here! And if the spring shopping is what it does for you, we offer you our names dedicated to artgiani top not to miss in the city. In the evening at the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore great sacred music of the show O Flos colende with the Choir of Winchester Cathedral.

Thursday 7 nature of time! Spring in Florence means only one thing: green parks. For this we can not leave out the largest green area of ​​Florence. Come with us to discover the wonders of Cascine! In the evening to the entire pizza! only for you the pizzerias of Florence must-try!

Friday 8, the weekend air to enjoy an unprecedented Florence discover our city tour through the most exclusive views from the terraces that dot. Here at last get the show of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo - 25th anniversary on stage at the Nelson Mandela Forum. But still: reggae atmospheres to Flog with Africa Unite, and finally the cult of Music at the Teatro Verdi.

Saturday 9 a lot of ideas for the weekend: for fans of contemporary art Loris Cecchini and John Ozzola in Pisa (SMS) and Santa Croce sull'Arno (Villa Pacchiani until 2 May. For lovers of the sea, our advice for gourmet a pranzetto with flakes (click here) and finally to a magical apertivo views Florence, click here and mark these addresses.

Sunday 10th a dip in the tradition in the beautiful hills of Chianti, and if your own is not enough, we recommend a trip to Villa Le Piazzole for the event "In Villa with artisans".


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