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April 7, 2015

This week in Florence (April 7/12)

The events of Florence in spring!

Tuesday 7, we begin this week shortened by the Easter holidays with a new itinerary, dedicated to the wonders of the Uffizi Gallery. Ce tells the director, Antonio Natali. We go to the theater with the play "The true friend" and with Gabriele Lavia, Teatro Goldoni. Pergola at the first of "The Nose", up to 17, with Eros Pagni and Tullio Solenghi. Continue Opera of Florence "La Traviata" conducted by Zubin Mehta and finally, gender change, for the double concert Fedez Obihall.

Wednesday 8 to 21 at the Odeon Cinema via the new edition of Middle East Now: film festivals, documentaries, visual arts and music dedicated to the Middle East. By Dietrich Buxtehude to Johann Sebastian Bach, by Petr Eben in Leoš Janáček. Four centuries of music concentrated in an evening, that Wednesday, April 8 sees the organist Slovak Stanislav Šurin in concert at the Auditorium ECRF Via Folco Portinari, in Florence.

Thursday 9 we present the new living room of Florence, a new concept of local restaurant in Piazza della Repubblica, which bears the signature of the great names of cuisine and design. Her name is Irene, discover it here! For lovers of dance Virgil Sieni in the evening do not miss "Exodus in the form of gesture" on stage at the Cango-Cantieri Goldonetta.

Friday 10 you want to recommend an interesting exhibition in Palazzo Vecchio: "Sweet triumphs and fine folds" tells the art of the table at the time of the Medici. Read here! - In the evening comes the rock Negrita at Nelson Mandela Forum, while Opera of Florence, May conducted by Zubin Mehta.

Saturday 11 destination Versilia here cult places not to be missed and in the evening, returning to Florence, do not miss the laughter with Enrico Brignano, on stage at the Teatro Verdi.

Sunday 12 do not miss the top of the Florentine brunch, read here! And in the evening in the magnificent setting of the Museum of Ornsanmichele, live the Chamber Orchestra Fiorentina.


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