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Tram-e-d’Arte, Florence by tram
June 18, 2021

Tram-e-d’Arte, Florence by tram. The website to discover a new way to live Florence

Online the new site dedicated to the less known and more contemporary side of the city

With the arrival of the tramway, the center of Florence has been enlarged, making its own the beauty that lies beyond the ancient walls.

The project Tram-e-d'Arte, Florence by streetcar, was born to make this wealth known and enhance it.

A new way to experience Florence and its lesser known but fascinating side, as well as its more contemporary side, too often neglected, and which is instead becoming more and more characteristic of the city.

The new site (in Italian/English) is dedicated to Florence just outside the historical center and the most overcrowded tourist circuits, of which through unpublished images and stories are told all the places of interest within about 1.5 km (about 20 minutes walk) from the various stops of the tramway, the great artery that connects the heart of the city with its extension, which has thus become an integral part. Creating a wider city, but at the same time closer and within walking distance. A valuable service that sees a flow of about 37 million passengers per year, along a network of almost 17 km. is the new website to discover the Florence you don't expect

A journey full of curiosities and discoveries that at the time of the launch has about 200 places of interest, divided into 5 categories - Top Attractions, Museums and Churches, Parks and Sports, Entertainment and Culture, Shops and Markets - including incredible sacred buildings or culture as the Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity, the first on Italian territory, or the Medici Villa in Careggi where Lorenzo the Magnificent died, but also centers of entertainment, sometimes great expression of contemporary architecture, such as the Theater of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the Manifattura Tabacchi (Tobacco Factory), an exceptional example of recovery of a former industrial space that has become a real 'center outside the center', the majestic Palace of Justice in Novoli, the extraordinary Stibbert Museum, or even ancient churches, custodians of precious and unexpected works of art, magnificent parks and masterpieces of street art by some of the best-known urban artists, but also sports centers, universities and Natural Shopping Centers.

Each place is geolocalized and has its own web page, with photos, description, practical information and related, and will be accessible through a double navigation option: through the division into categories or by selecting the tramway stops.

Tram-e-d'Arte thus traces new itineraries, studied on the basis of distances from the respective tramway stops, designed to enrich the daily life of those who habitually use this service, but also of those who, Florentine or tourist, want to experience a new way of living the city.

Besides this important mapping, the visitor will also be able to find out everything about events, exhibitions or other initiatives related to the places included in the portal.

In the coming weeks, Gest will equip the stops with a Qr Code panel that will connect travelers directly to the page of the website related to the stop where they are, thus discovering all the surrounding places of interest. By fall 2021, it will also launch its new website, where each stop will be directly linkable to its respective page on the website.

Starting in September 2021, the project will also include the organization of tours, held by specially trained guides on various Tram-e-d'Arte routes.

A project - for the moment inclusive of the T1 line (26 stops from Villa Costanza to Careggi) and of the T2 line (12 stops from Unità d'Italia to Peretola), but which will be expanded with the opening of the next lines of the Florentine tramway - conceived and curated by Caterina Paolucci and Olivia Turchi for Associazione Via Maggio, realized by Gruppo Editoriale, in collaboration with GEST (Gestione del Servizio Tramviario), with the contribution of the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Florence and Fondazione CR Firenze.

Discover also on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtags #tramedartefirenze and #florencebytram!

"An unusual way to discover the city and its hidden beauties - said the Councillor for Tourism Cecilia Del Re - exploiting the full potential of tramway lines. An opportunity to experience the neighborhoods of our city, more and more vital, and to promote tourist routes other than the traditional 'approaching' thanks to the tramway many places of interest so far less easily accessible. A project carried out with the contribution of the Department of Tourism through the announcement that we launched to enhance an unusual Florence, and that will find space in a section of the portal and app Feel Florence, more and more true container of the best experiences to experience Florence. This experience also comes after the Tram-tour project that has received great appreciation from the citizens".

"This is an interesting project - says the Councillor for Mobility Stefano Giorgetti - that using the streetcar lines offers many citizens and tourists the opportunity to discover places of interest, often along the usual routes or near their residence, never visited and enhanced. An opportunity to discover history and curiosities, exhibitions or events. The regularity of an efficient service like the tramway will make it easy to stop, visit and leave for other destinations. A project to be extended in the future also to the new lines so that it develops throughout the Florentine territory".

"We have supported this project - says the Director General of Fondazione CR Firenze Gabriele Gori - because it represents an original opportunity to get to know our city outside the traditional schemes. The postcard Florence gives way to unprecedented views that are visible from the tramway route and that will be further expanded with the new lines. Even with the drama of the pandemic, Florentines have had the opportunity to reappropriate more of Florence and this proposal offers the opportunity to experience it in a different way and perhaps more aware".

"Thanks to this project, the tramway service takes on a new meaning - comments Jean-Luc Laugaa, CEO of GEST, manager of the Florence tramway - it becomes an indispensable tool to get to know, make close and enhance cultural and creative spaces of the urban context that it crosses. Each stop becomes a point of departure and arrival for less known itineraries or to reach unexplored destinations. The tramway changes the city and, with this project, comes alive with new energy".

"Tram-e-d'Arte - says Caterina Paolucci, Vice President of the Via Maggio Association - is an ambitious project, which wants to contribute, along with all the other projects that are about to be put in place with the Recovery Plan funds announced by the mayor, to the rebirth of post-pandemic Florence, in line with the objectives of sustainability and digitization on which the city aims to create wealth and attract visitors and investors. In fact, we propose a new offer for residents and tourists, which expands the potential audience and makes it move in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way in the contemporary world outside the circle of avenues. Florence expands and becomes attractive even outside the center. The project includes specific training for tour guides and the creation of guided tours starting in September 2021."

"Our publishing house has always been committed to revealing the most 'unseen' Florence. We have been doing this for 15 years with Firenze made in Tuscany and we have also done it with the guide Oltrarno su misura. Tram-e-d'Arte is a new point of view on Florence, which enhances and makes known the city beyond the historic center - continues Matteo Parigi Bini, editorial director and publisher of Gruppo Editoriale - showing the beauty, but also the contemporaneity, of the urban area, today made even more accessible thanks to the tramway. It is a way to help people discover places that are little known not only to those who visit the city, but also to Florentines".


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