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florence red zone from monday 29 march
March 26, 2021

Tuscany in red zone from Monday, March 29

But other municipalities risk the Red Zone

Unexpectedly, the Tuscany Region goes into the Red zone from Monday, March 29.
This was announced by the Governor Giani after the communication of the Minister Speranza and the decision of the new steering committee of the Scientific Technical Committee.

The data of Tuscany have a value of contagions on 7 days equal to 251 out of 100,000, the limit is set at 250.

Regarding the situation of vaccines in Tuscany if, as it seems, will get the okay to resume with Astrazeneca, vaccinations will be extended up to those born in 1951. Among the substitutes school staff and agents. Giani also announces the arrival of 125 thousand Pfizer vaccines in the next two weeks that will be intended for the over-80s.

But here's what we could do from Monday, March 29:

Prohibited all travel, including to relatives, both in the same municipality and neighboring municipalities, except those motivated by proven work requirements, situations of necessity.

Closed all schools in the presence of each degree

Prohibition to move in all second homes in the Region, but it will be possible to reach them in the Yellow and Orange Zones (the ban has been lifted for the Easter period - read here for more information)

Suspension of events and competitions organized by sports promotion bodies. Allowed the conduct of sports activities only as individuals and only outdoors. 

Closed all non-essential economic activities. They can remain open grocery stores, pharmacies, parapharmacies, newsstands, bookstores, tobacconists, florists. Also open the stores of first necessity, from petrol stations to electronics to those who sell products for children. Beauticians and hair salons closed.

Closing Bars and Restaurants, takeaway is allowed only until 18.00. No limitations for delivery.

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