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July 18, 2016

Week Michelangiolesca in Florence

Until July 21, discover the unmissable events dedicated to the undisputed genius of Michelangelo

In Florence, until July 20, 2015 comes the first week of Michelangelo, a program of events, of lectio and exhibitions, multimedia shows and urban performance, dedicated to the great Florentine artist. To open two new entries in the city: the David moderinissimo and tattooed to the Central Market and, in Piazza della Signoria, a block of white marble from the quarry to 44 tonnes of Polvaccio of Carrara, where the side is visible, barely touched the arm of David.

Week - sponsored by the City of Florence and the Central Market of Florence - will take place mainly at the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Will be involved also other places like Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza Signoria, Museo Casa Martelli.

The lectio at the Basilica of San Lorenzo will be accompanied by multimedia events and music, plus this year's exhibitions and different forms of cultural mediation designed to bring the general public to the themes and images of art, architecture, different disciplines and forms of creativity in a dynamic confrontation between the glorious past and the contemporary world.

This new edition unfolds over several days and is proposed as an annual cultural festival focused on the life and works of genius fourfold: Michelangelo painter, sculptor, architect and poet. S

In a sign of the Buonarroti, multifaceted artist and universal Week Michelangiolesca will be a moment of cultural sharing, in which knowledge of the heritage is linked to the exploitation of new forms of art and creativity, in a contamination of knowledge and practices, and yesterday Today with invitations extended to the worlds of culture, architects, artists, art historians, writers: by Oliviero Toscani and Paolo Crepet, by Mario Botta and Massimiliano Fuksas and Marco Casamonti Giacomo Marramao, Luca and Marco Vichi Doninelli Sandro Lombardi and Monica Bietti, and then special guests at the Cave Michelangelo Award as Jan Fabre and Alba Donati, Domenico Bianchi, Marco and Cristina Acidini Casamonti.

The music will be featured at the Basilica of San Lorenzo with two evenings of extraordinary value. The first curated by Mario Ruffini for Easter of Bach, the second with Riccardo Sandiford and Jeroen van der Wel who will perform Beethoven's Sonata # 9.

During all the evenings of Michelangelo, the facade of San Lorenzo will host visual multimedia processing inspired by the life and work of Michelangelo.

Monday, July 20 there is the great final evening: in Piazza Signoria from 7.00pm until midnight a double event: walk of the Gigante, two sculptors came from the Cave Michelangelo Carrara work live the huge block of marble that Tuesday is located in Piazza della Signoria, to give a first recognizable form to a new copy of David, an unprecedented performance for masons, double bass and voice, while .


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