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January 8, 2018

Welcome Gucci Garden

Palazzo della Mercanzia reopens in Florence with a special project by Gucci

The only thing that’s certain is that Gucci’s new Florentine project will open on January 9, 2018, on the eve of Pitti Uomo, attracting leading figures in the fashion world to the heart of it all for this much awaited event. Gucci, one of the most acclaimed brands in the global fashion system, inaugurates the Gucci Garden in its birthplace, in Palazzo della Mercanzia that displayed the heritage of the historic brand up until a few months ago. Cloaked in total secrecy until the very last second, Gucci Garden is set to become the newest triumph in the long line of successes that the house of Gucci has accomplished in recent history, ideated and desired by the boundary-breaking creative director Alessandro Michele, whose bottomless bag of surprises never bores us. Heading up the brand for just two years alongside the impressive Marco Bizzarri, CEO and President, Michele’s intuitions have upped the turnover by 50%. What should be noted is that, together, the pair work miracles. What we know about Michele is that he’s no diva. He nurtures an archival memory without fossilizing it. He is respectful of traditions, rejects nostalgia and enjoys independence. With his long hair, beard and oversized sweaters, he has established an utterly absurd and on-point style, totally erasing everything we knew about the historic Florentine fashion house to date. From his golden throne, Michele produces idea after idea of a creativity pouring from ultimate freedom. “I blend all the beauty that excites me and I pollute it with imperfection …”: this is the magic potion of this anarchic lover.
Gucci Garden will include a special store selling historic creations in a unique edition only found in Florence, a restaurant/bistro by Massimo Bottura, three Michelin star chef patron of Modena’s Osteria Francescana and a museum curated by Maria Luisa Frisa.  


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