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Antonio Stelli

May 25, 2020

Wine Stories. "Cobalto" Vermentino Maremma Toscana DOC di Val delle Rose - Tenuta della famiglia Cecchi

Our second appointment with the protagonists of wine in Tuscany, told through their best labels

We are at Val delle Rose estate owned by the Cecchi family since 1996, which is located in the Maremma DOC area, at Poggio la Mozza in the heart of Morellino di Scansano. This charming Maremma estate extends in all its beauty over two hundred hectares of land, destined to obtain organic certification by 2021. With vineyards nourished by the prestigious terroir of the area and caressed by the winds blowing from the sea.

Val delle Rose produces small, great masterpieces in bottles, capable of telling the tradition of this territory in a glass. This is the case of Cobalto Vermentino D.O.C. Maremma Toscana.


"Cobalto" Vermentino Maremma Toscana DOC di Val delle Rose - Tenuta della famiglia Cecchi

The 2018 vintage of 13% alcohol content has a dazzling golden yellow hue that introduces in a rainbow of intense and varied scents, lime and bergamot juice, dried apricot, but also barley candy, tea leaves, notes of rosemary and wild plants of the Mediterranean bush, the taste dynamics is extraordinary the entry into the mouth juicy, fresh, immediately overlapping the glyceric component that makes the sip enveloping, soft, the tasting intense, elegant, harmonious, Serve it at a temperature of 10/12 degrees Celsius in large crystal glasses or crystal glass, accompany it to the products of the sea, the art of cheese making and pork butchery with excellent aged cheeses or cold cuts of quality, enhancing the ethnic cuisines in particular the Thai and Indian with very spicy flavors, but also for a rich aperitif or a moment of pure relaxation always remembering that not only in the glass you have a masterpiece of man but you are lucky enough to taste a work of art.

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