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January 12, 2021

Yellow weekends and open museums in Tuscany: the guidelines of the new decree valid until March 5

Find out here what is likely to happen in the next few days

The government has approved the new guidelines in a decree (although a DCPM is also expected), which will apply from 16 January to 5 March 2021.

Among the most important changes are the confirmation of the regional red, orange and yellow bands and a new white zone, the rules also apply to weekends; the ban on moving between all regions (including the yellow band) and the ban on bars and clubs taking away food after 6 p.m. (however, the delivery service continues). The curfew from 5am to 10pm is confirmed.

The decree also stipulates that you cannot move to second homes outside regions, outside your municipality if you are in the orange band.

For the yellow zone, the rule that allows friends or relatives to move to a house in the region, up to a limit of two people in addition to children under 14, has also been confirmed. Only one journey per day is allowed.

In the white zone, which can be entered by the regions with a RT lower than 0.50 (at the moment no region has this parameter), all their services can be reopened, including cinemas, theatres, gyms and swimming pools, with the only obligation being to provide distance and a mask in all indoor and outdoor environments.

If our RT index remains below 1, the Region will probably continue to be in the Yellow Zone at least until 22 January, even on the weekend of 16 and 17 January, with the possibility of moving freely around the region (travel outside the region allowed only for proven necessity), with restaurants and bars open, with the recommendation to visit the homes of friends and relatives with a maximum of 2 people, excluding children under 14 years.
It is confirmed that bars and restaurants will have to close after 6 p.m. also the take-away service (to avoid crowds) but not the delivery service.

The biggest change, strongly desired by Mayor Nardella, will certainly be the reopening of museums throughout Tuscany, with longer opening hours and restricted entry. "The museums are very safe and well organised," says Dario Nardella, "school and culture can be the levers to get us out of this emergency, we absolutely need all of this".


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