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The best Schiacciata alla fiorentina in Florence

January 7, 2020

A triumph of softness in 8 bakeries to remember

There is no Carnival without Schiacciata fiorentina. Here is a tour of the pastry shops of the city specializing in the preparation of this triumph of softness. Ingredients? Eggs, flour, sugar, orange and milk. Enjoy your meal!

Pasticceria Nencioni Pasticceria Nencioni

Pasticceria Nencioni

Historical florentine shop, opened in 1950 by Maria Luisa Falai and her husband Vinicio Nencioni. A coffe and cake shop born as a headquarter’s shop, which started as a bakery with homemade products like bread, cakes and fresh past, and has become specialized in corn-flour pastried. Must-have products are here: the Sacher Torte and the Millefoglie (with pastry cream inside), the mignon pastries and the mini puff pastry savouries assortment. If you happen to be there at 4 pm, we suggest you take a budino di riso (a pastry made with rice) or a sfogliatina (sweet puff pastries): they will be fresh from the oven!

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Pasticceria Giorgio Pasticceria Giorgio

Pasticceria Giorgio

Among the pastry shops, Giorgio is by far one of the best as regards savouries. lt is therefore worth leaving the centre of the town (the shop is in the Soffiano area) to try sandwiches, such as the one with roasted meat of suckling pig, with salad and balsamic vinegar or the one with Colonnata lard, onions from Tropea and alici. When it comes to sweets its schiacciata alla fiorentina, soft and stuffed with whipped cream has no equal, just like the cream puffs or the millefeuille pastry. On Sundays, you will have to stand in a queue, so be patient.

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Pasticceria Bellucci Pasticceria Bellucci

Pasticceria Bellucci

If you happen to visit the Stibbert Museum don't miss pastry shop. Excellent Florentine Schiacciata, very light, well leavened and aromatic.

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Forno San Niccolò

Historic oven of San Niccolò. Its schiacciata takes as law the ancient tradition that would like lard as one of its ingredients, together with a light vanilla note.

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I Dolci di Patrizio Cosi I Dolci di Patrizio Cosi

I Dolci di Patrizio Cosi

In Borgo Albizi, in the heart of Florence, flour, eggs, fresh milk, cocoa, pure chocolate and a few other ingredients are transformed into authentic delights such as croissants, cream puffs, mignons, cakes and much more. All artisanal delicacies that pass directly from the laboratory to the sales counter.

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Pugi Pugi


The greatest name in Florence for bread and baked goods, there are three Pugi bakeries scattered across the city (in piazza San Marco, in via San Gallo 62r e via G.Orsini, 63-65). Since 1925 Pugi has been a name signifying excellence, selling fresh products both sweet and savory. A selection of raw materials, olive oil and seasonal vegetables arrive daily at their doors. Taste the schiacciata (flat bread) with oil, always warm, the typical schiacciata fiorentina for Carneval, schiacciata (flat bread) with grapes, and finally the various types of bread, made using only the best flour.

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Pasticceria Querci Pasticceria Querci

Pasticceria Querci

The most delicious croissants in Florence! Whole, berry or chocolate mignons. You must try them in the morning with a steaming cappuccino and everything goes! Also noteworthy are its puff pastries (the chocolate fagotto cake, for instance) and cream puffs in different flavours. The lovers of savouries must try the butter sandwich with ham and cheese accompanied with fresh spuma bionda (strange but effective Tuscan combination). The bakery, situated in the Statuto area is worth moving from the centre.

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Pasticceria Stefania Pasticceria Stefania

Pasticceria Stefania

Elegant pastry shop near Ponte al Pino, Campo di Marte. Recommended for breakfast: cremini, (parcels of puff pastry filled with cream), which they churn out all the time - always hot - and cappuccino. On the counter, a stretch of fingers of pastry with cream, chocolate or whipped cream, berries and cream “fruttini”, miniature reproductions of the famous Stefania’s semolina cake (short crust pastry, semolina cream and a coverage of chocolate). Do you want to go for the savoury? Mini pizzas and butter sandwiches with Prague ham.

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