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Cinemas in Florence

January 10, 2020

Where you can find arthouse films and the latest releases.

Do you want to enjoy a good movie? Here are the cinemas in Florence, from the most intimate to the most spacious ones, where you can find arthouse films and the latest releases.

Cinema Odeon

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Odeon cinema has made the history of cinema in Florence. The Odeon hosts important film festivals and, throughout the year, offers the opportunity to see films in the original language, special screenings, previews and restored films.

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Spazio Alfieri

Auteur cinema

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Cinema Spazio Uno

Symbol of Florence's alternative cinematic scenario

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Cinema Flora Atelier

Cinema Flora was born on January 1st 1914 in Piazza Dalmazia, in the popular Rifredi district. Over the years it has kept intact that old cinema atmosphere of the early 1900s, still capable of breathing the magic of the projections.

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Cinema Adriano

Inaugurated in April 1955 with Le ragazze di San Frediano by Valerio Zurlini, based on a novel by Vasco Pratolini. Until the transformation into a multiplex, it was the largest cinema in the city. Built from the beginning to be a cinema, its amphitheater shape allows an excellent view from every place including the most external.

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Cinema La Compagnia

La Compagnia was born as Cinema Modernissimo in 1921 and was subsequently modernized by the architect Adolfo Natalini between 1984 and 1987.

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Cinema Principe

Located near the beautiful Piazza della Libertà, it is one of the few historic cinemas in the center that retains all the pleasure of a "classic" view of the films, not only for nostalgics but for anyone who loves to immerse themselves, without distraction, in a story.

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Cinema Stensen

A cultural center where you can watch films, meet, discuss, read. There are few such complete and dynamic realities as Stensen, which has become one of the most important arthouse cinema in the city for the richness and depth of its proposals.

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Cinema Portico

Storico cinema di Firenze, appena fuori dal centro, ristrutturato e trasformato in due sale: Sala Blu e Sala Verde. Ospita anteprime presiedute da attori e registi, proiezioni d’Opere liriche, balletti e concerti classici.

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Cinema Marconi

Multiplex in Gavinana area.

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Cinema Fiamma

Small multiplex in the area of the Artemio Franchi Stadium.

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