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Fish shops in Florence

December 15, 2019

For lovers of seafood

In Florence fish arrives fresh and good, ready to be cooked as in the best restaurants. Don't miss these trusted names where to buy it in the city

Barabino Barabino


Barabino was the nickname of the man who first bought this fish stall inside the San Lorenzo market in the immediate postwar period and grandfather to the current owner, Alessandro. The whole family has always been engaged in the business and has started several fish shops throughout the town. The owner drives twice a week to the Viareggio fish market, while suppliers from Viareggio provide the stall with freshly-caught and top-quality fish every day.

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Fabio Gallerini Fabio Gallerini

Fabio Gallerini

In order to grant his customers fresh fish from the Tirreno sea all the week long, Fabio personally visit, three-four times a week, the fish markets in Livorno and Viareggio. On Thursday he even takes the highway to the coast twice in the day, in the morning and in the afternoon. And on Friday: feast day for fish! Sea basses, orates, moscardini, rockfish, tub gurnards, atlantic bonitos, sanpietro (John Dory fish), red and pink prawns and jumbo shrimps. And then blue-fish: from April till October, or from the Adriatic sea during Winter come fresh veracious clams.

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Pescheria Montini Massimo Pescheria Montini Massimo

Pescheria Montini Massimo

In this fish shop, perhaps the oldest in Florence, which was taken over in the ‘80s by Massimo Montini (third generation of fishmongers), fish is fresh every day. He goes himself to choose the fish twice a week at the fish market in Viareggio, on Mondays and Thursdays,on other days fish is brought by reliable suppliers. The Tyrrhenian is the favourite place from which come tellinas in late winter, octopus, red mullets and squills in February, in June eledones, anchovies and mackerels in spring. In October from Mediterranean come tuna, swordfishes and amberjacks. Complete the offer: live crabs and oysters from Brittany, Scottish salmon and Norwegian dried and salted cod (Thursdays and Fridays).

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Pescheria Tirrena Pescheria Tirrena

Pescheria Tirrena

A historical fish shop of only 25 square meters at the bottom of the Torre dei Cerchi (13th Century). Every day, it offers fresh fish, chosen at the Mercafir (big market of grocery products) in the Novoli quarter of Florence by Sauro Bartoli, who inherited the passion for this job by his father and owns this shop since 1994, always granting for the best quality/price ratio (every morning he wakes up at 4.45am!). Inside, you can find fish from foreign and Italian coasts, but above fish from the Tyrrhenian sea: hakes, caramote prawns, mullets and blue-fish. He will also suggest you try the paranza fish (smelts, to be pan-fried), the moscardini for a special risotto and even –when he can find it, fish like John Dory, rock and tub gurnard fish, which are perfect to be cooked in a soup, or white fishes (sea and stripe bass and oratas.)

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Pescheria Ultima Spiaggia Pescheria Ultima Spiaggia

Pescheria Ultima Spiaggia

It’s a fish market, but beware: also a fish and chip shop and grill-house. Lorenzo Boccianti (who’s been a fishmonger for 25 years) not only sells fresh seafood retail, but starting from June 2012 he’s thrown himself into the most authentic tradition of street food - you can order on the spot a nice bag of fried fish (squid, shrimp and octopus) or grilled fish (tuna, swordfish, squid and cuttlefish) and in a flash you find yourself with a hearty lunch in your hands hot and steaming, fried or grilled before your own eyes.

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