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Japanese restaurants not to be missed in Florence

January 14, 2020

Sushi and more. Here's where to find the best of the Rising Sun cuisine in town

Florence is increasingly an international city also from the point of view of culinary proposals. We have selected for you really special addresses where to try oriental cuisine, from sushi to more traditional dishes, passing through some creative interpretations.

Koko Koko


Elegant restaurant and sushi bar. The menu includes unexpected dishes, such as an endless choice of carpaccio, chirashi and maki rolls, to be enjoyed in the sophisticated Tatami room.

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Kome - Sushi and BBQ Restaurant Kome - Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

Kome - Sushi and BBQ Restaurant

Located downtown Florence, Kome is the temple of Japanese cooking.

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Momoyama Momoyama


A journey into the Japanese flavors of Momoyama, in the heart of the Oltrarno.

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Il Cuore

A culinary journey that will showcase the flavours, colours, and smells of Japanese traditional cuisine, with a touch of modernity and the quality of Tuscan raw materials, without however betraying the recipes and culinary techniques of the Rising Sun.

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The Fusion Bar & Restaurant

Nikkei, Sushi and Cocktail specialties. The fusion cuisine will transport you into a world of unexpected combinations and spicy tastes, thanks to the dishes prepared by Chef Andrea Magnelli, perhaps accompanied by a cocktail created just for you. The ambience of the Fusion Bar & Restaurant is lively and dynamic, ideal to spend an evening with friends and enjoy an international atmosphere, even if in the heart of Florence.

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The famous sushi-brazilian Temakinho found its Florentine address in the central Piazza Strozzi. To be enjoyed, to respect the mood to the letter, with a fresh cocktail. A colorful and sparkling atmosphere, but at the same time refined and bon-ton.

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Creative sushi and special cocktails with view over Florence. The menu features, in addition to the great classics (salmon, tuna, sea bass), Mazara prawns, shellfish, scampi, meat carpaccios, nigiri and Wagyu meat tartare from Emilia Romagna. A wide selection of international and local cocktails.

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A few steps from Porta San Frediano, declined through an elegant room and a fairy internal courtyard, this restaurant bases its experience in the Japanese tradition linked to the innovation of the best restaurants in Tokyo.

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Wabi Sabi

An intimate and elegant place outside the historic center, where you can enjoy excellent Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is divided into two rooms and an outdoor space. The menu includes both classic sushi and sashimi and soups, rice, temaki and futomaki. Among the latter, the prawn tempura stands out. Oriental beers, sake and the inevitable green tea.

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