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Cala del gesso

The most beautiful coves in Tuscany

July 28, 2021

Between paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear water

Immersed in nature and caressed by the sweet sound of the waves of the sea, your summer in Tuscany will be unforgettable.

Baia della Crepatura

Located near Castiglioncello, in the province of Livorno, the Baia della Crepatura, is a small seaside place between Rosignano Marittimo and Livorno. The Crepatura bay offers visitors both sandy beaches, located in Quercetano and made entirely of rocks.

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Golfo di Baratti

The Gulf of Baratti opens up at the south-eastern end of the Ligurian Sea, at the northern end of the municipal territory of Piombino. It takes its name from the town of Baratti, near which there are Etruscan tumuli.

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Buca delle fate Buca delle fate

Buca delle Fate

One of the few coves that can be reached by land along the rocky coast between the promontory of Piombino and that of Populonia. The water and the rocky seabed make it sheltered from the winds. To reach it you need to take the road that leads to Populonia from the Gulf of Baratti. Before arriving in sight of the tower of the small town, park your car and take a clearly visible path that enters the bush. After about twenty minutes of descent the steep cliff begins which leads directly to the sea.

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Torre Mozza Torre Mozza

Torre Mozza

Here the landscape is wilder made of dunes and reeds, but as soon as we reach the beach we can enjoy the spectacle offered by the Gulf of Follonica. Along the beach towards Follonica there are equipped areas such as campsites and villages. To get to this beach just follow the old Aurelia to Livorno, so we will meet the Mozza Tower along our road. Torre Mozza is a masonry construction of Saracen origin, built sheer above the sea.

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Cala Violina Cala Violina

Cala Violina

A wonderful 4 km long path immersed in the greenery of the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve takes visitors to this corner of paradise of authentic beauty. A suggestive cove enclosed by two promontories, characterized by a clear sand made up of very small grains of quartz and bathed by a crystal clear sea.

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Cala Civetta Cala Civetta

Cala Civetta

It is located south of Follonica and north of Castiglion della Pescaia, between Cala Violina and Punta Ala beach. This splendid and charming beach is characterized by clear and fine sand, protected in the North-East by a steep hill covered with dense Mediterranean scrub and dominated by the Civette Tower which owes the name of the bay. The sea is clear and populated by all types of underwater species. Its hidden and wild position makes this area one of the most exclusive.

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Le Rocchette Le Rocchette

Le Rocchette

Set within an evocative landscape, this golden beach is bathed by the clear sea whose waves break in the wild dark red rocky cliffs. The area has stretches of equipped beach and completely free stretches.

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Cala di forno Cala di forno

Cala di Forno

Immersing yourself in the rich Mediterranean scrub, following a flat path of about 12 km, you reach this magnificent unspoiled inlet. Located in the heart of the Maremma Park and enclosed by the two promontories of the Uccellina Mountains, this beach is embellished with the characteristic sea dunes that give it a wild and enchanting appearance. It overlooks an ancient tower that gives it a touch of historical charm.

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Cala Moresca Cala Moresca

Cala Moresca

Cala Moresca is so defined because from the top of the hill behind it there is the ancient Torre Moresca that overlooks the whole valley. It is a small cove and accessible both by sea and by land via the provincial road. In front of Cala Moresca there is the islet of Argentarola, a favorite destination for lovers of diving excursions due to the abundant presence of rare examples of marine flora and fauna.

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Cala del Gesso Cala del Gesso

Cala del Gesso

Located in the westernmost part of the Argentario, Cala del Gesso is a corner of paradise not to be missed: crystal clear water and a beach of small, smooth pebbles. The route to get there is not the easiest, but it is definitely worth the effort.

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