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Top 100 Tuscan wines
March 27, 2020

the best 100 Tuscan wines, one for each novella of the Decameron

In an article that appeared in these days in The Wine Advocate, Monica Larner, the Italian correspondent of Robert Parker, wine critic based in Rome and daughter of Hollywood director Stevan (Radici, Uccelli di bravo, Visitors), told her 100 favorite Italian wines inspired by the 100 novels of our Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron.

I refer you to this article because it deserves to be read not only for its ranking - a genre of which Advocate was a precursor - but also for its introduction. In fact, when I read it, I really didn't expect much about the Decameron, perhaps conditioned by the stereotype of the American in Italy, educated, from a good family, "but, in short, what does she know about Boccaccio!

So even I, that is, we at Firenze Made in Tuscany, are ready to give you the list of our 100 favourite Tuscan wines. One a day like the novellas of the Decameron.
Of course, the choice isn't mine, but I've limited myself to getting the 10,000 Tuscan labels to the editorial staff over the last ten years, having them tasted and selected by our friends at AIS Toscana (and you can trust them). And here I am today, with a selection of the best of the best of this monumental work.

by Teresa Favi

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