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An unforgettable Love Story

An unforgettable Love Story

September 7, 2022

The Danieli Hotel in Venice celebrates cinema with Variety. The Danieli Terrace Restaurant, with its breathtaking view of the lagoon, hosted the 13th edition of the evening dedicated to the Venice International Film Festival, which featured Julianne Moore, who was named this year's Venice Film Festival Jury Chairwoman. Alberto Fol, Executive Chef, and Roberto Naccari, Head Barman, paid tribute to Danieli Cinema, the Bicentennial and the American actress. Among the gourmet offerings elaborated by Chef Fol we find dishes that recall the Venice of yesteryear, such as Champagne risotto accompanied by Chioggiotta-style fish soup and His Majesty the cod; and the passion that distinguishes the city, such as golden Dolomites ponchos, Bellini-style shrimp and fior di latte and red fruit ice cream. There was no shortage of timeless classics, such as blinis with sour cream and Calvisius caviar, foie gras with grape must and floral salad, and the famous salt sea bass with its dill whipped fumet and Wellington-style fillet. The chef's culinary creations were accompanied by interesting mixology offerings. "Lioness Julianne" is the Julianne Moore-inspired cocktail, a drink elegant in features such as the purple color released by the bitott violet cream and pleasantly refreshing and lively thanks to the addition of Prosecco Superiore Bisol1542 and the touch of fresh squeezed lime. The "Rosso Danieli," dedicated to the Danieli's 200th anniversary and inspired by ancient recipes, combines Gin and Vermouth with drops of Bitter and infused with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg and is garnished with mint and orange. The renowned hotel is celebrating its bicentennial, amid architecture, art and cinema, with the many unforgettable films set in its 15th-century rooms and the many stars who have stayed here for private moments and social parties, such as those organized by the famous journalist Elsa Maxwell, and the memory of historical events and protagonists who made the Danieli their love nest.

Text Federica Repetto - photos Mirco Toffolo

 Julianne Moore, Alberto Barbera Julianne Moore, Alberto Barbera
Claudio Staderini, Alberto Barbera, Roberto Cicutto, Ramin Setoodeh Claudio Staderini, Alberto Barbera, Roberto Cicutto, Ramin Setoodeh
Giulia Rosmarini, Alberto Barbera Giulia Rosmarini, Alberto Barbera
Giulio Base Giulio Base
Tiziana Rocca Tiziana Rocca
Debora Rossi Debora Rossi
Roberto Cicutto Roberto Cicutto
Julianne Moore, Claudio Staderini Julianne Moore, Claudio Staderini
Greta Ferro Greta Ferro
Julianne Moore Julianne Moore
Tessa Thompson Tessa Thompson
Leila Hatami Leila Hatami
Mariano Cohn Mariano Cohn
Edouard Waintrop Edouard Waintrop
Ugo Brusaporco Ugo Brusaporco
Leonardo Di Costanzo Leonardo Di Costanzo
Madisin Rian Madisin Rian
Sophie Reyes, Ghassan Al-Habib Sophie Reyes, Ghassan Al-Habib
Antonella Salvucci Antonella Salvucci
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