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Ritratti d’estate at Bagno Piero

Ritratti d’estate

September 16, 2014

At the summer solstice, an event in the beautiful surroundings of the Bagno Piero in Forte dei Marmi organized by the patron Roberto Santini along with Salvatore Madonna. The starred Chef Andrea Mattei has delighted guests, reprocessed by the international photographer Ferdinando Cioffi.

Ferdinando Cioffi Ferdinando Cioffi
Salvatore Madonna, Annalisa Bugliani Salvatore Madonna, Annalisa Bugliani
R. Santini R. Santini
Antonio, Gloria Lionetti Antonio, Gloria Lionetti
Morgana Ghini, Nicola Gnesi Morgana Ghini, Nicola Gnesi
B.Bertani, A. Cecchi
B.Bertani, A. Cecchi
Angelo Moratti
Angelo Moratti
E. Brotini, M. Gabbrielli E. Brotini, M. Gabbrielli
Silvia Poncini Silvia Poncini
Eleonora, Lamberto Frescobaldi Eleonora, Lamberto Frescobaldi
Gabriele Poli, Veronica Maffei Gabriele Poli, Veronica Maffei
Petra Carone, Serena Ninci Petra Carone, Serena Ninci
Riccardo Baldo Riccardo Baldo
Paolo Romanazzi Paolo Romanazzi
Rosaria Panatta
Rosaria Panatta
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