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Abetone, Toscana
December 22, 2021

Abetone and Val di Luce: what to do and where to go

The best restaurants and top addresses to relax in the white terrace of Tuscany

A plunge into nature, with the Tuscan Apennines, the Val di Luce and the fir forests to frame an unchanged picture.


For centuries an unmissable destination for ski enthusiasts, unmissable and fun in the snow, refreshing and relaxing even when, as in this delicate season, the ski lifts are closed, the Tuscan Apennines, an opportunity for winter sports to be discovered and rediscovered, but also a territory with a deep-rooted, ancient enogastronomic tradition, closely tied to inimitable local products and production.

Here is what to do, where to go, contacts and gourmet addresses to transform a weekend or a week of skiing into a relaxing experience among nature, sports and good food.

The Abetone-Val di Luce district touches the Emilia Romagna region and offers a 360 degree view, reaching as far as the Tyrrhenian Sea: a mix of sports and tourism that can reach as far as Fiumalbo, the most 'Tyrolean' village in central Italy, or the Crystal Pool of the Val di Luce Spa Resort, which is also the most beautiful hotel complex in the area (tel. 0573 60961) with water at 32 degrees and a glass pyramid as a cover so as not to miss any of the view.

Val di luce spa

To eat: La Casina (typical, in town, tel. 0573 60073), Baita del Pulicchio (typical and panoramic, at the top of the Pulicchio chairlift, tel. 0573 60186), Fagiolino (in Cutigliano, typical, tel. 0573 68014), Ristorante Val di Luce Spa Resort (in the valley, gourmet, refined, tel. 0573 60961), Rifugio Chalet Le Rocce (reachable only by ski, typical, panoramic, solarium, tel. 339.4728067).

Foto Ridi Val di Luce

To buy local products: La bottega di Loli (jams and mushrooms, tel. 0573 60041), Sapori del Lago Nero (cookies and tarts, in the nearby town of Pian degli Ontani, tel. 0573 673312), La Latteria (cheese and yogurt, in Cutigliano tel. 0573 68280).

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